How's my SCROG looking?!


using Robert’s full nutrient line. 2 weeks and 2 days into flowering currently.

This is two weeks ago, 2 days into flowering

This is today


very nice work good grow


Sweet, nice work! Keep posting those pics for us all!


Yes please post pics when close to harvest. BTW how many plants are there?


…looks like 6 plants…


Thanks guys I’ve been reading everything possible from Robert and everywhere else thinkable on the Internet to make sure I do every little thing right, good to know for sure I’m on track. Everything with flowering is coming along very quickly and nicely the only thing is the bottom right plant in the picture, I accidentally snapped the main stem a week or two before flowering and fixed it with tape and gave the plant support. Nothing died on the plant but you can see that flowering is going a tiny bit slower we than the rest. Hope they’re all done around the same time!!

And yes it’s 6 plants! In the future I’ll let them veg bigger to fill out more screen but I’m moving soon and had limited time. White Urkle is middle right, GDP is middle left, bottom right is G-Dawg, everything else is critical mass. All very potent smelling :yum::+1:


@phoenix420 So… have you tried any of Robert’s strains yet? Also, I’m curious… those strains you are growing, are they from seed or clones?


@grassmaster I ordered 20-30 seeds from Robert with the booster set but the seeds must have got stopped at customs. All that came was the nutrients. I got impatient because I already had my grow room set up and I was very excited so I got clones late February. 8 weeks flowering will be June 3rd. Strains in there are grand daddy purple, white urkle, g-dawg, and 3 critical kush