How's my LST looking?

These ladies have been above ground for thirty days now. Just started seeing pistils yesterday and am transitioning from veg to bloom nutes. I started LST about a week ago. I actually broke the second one from the left. It was hanging on by a thread, right above the first node and I couldn’t get tape on it. Very tight nodes. Ended up pushing up two branches and taping around them them making a support from four chopsticks. Long story short, after a week to heal she pushed the chopsticks out of the way and I bent her again.

Been trying to keep the canopy flat. I’ve had to tie and retie branches every day. These are all ILGM Zkittlez auto. Does the lst/canopy look alright? Also, I’m dying to clear out some of these leaves. Any opinions on defoliation?

I can get better pics if needed. I just always forget to take the phone when I go to that area.


@Outlaw i have snapped one one my plants twice! I used ptfe tape to get it back together. Haven’t really asked anyones opinion on it as it seems to be doing the job! I find it easier to handle as it don’t easily stick to everything it touches. What gave me the idea was that I watch a lot of plant related stuff. ( not just cannabis ) such as grafting which they use a type of tape similar looking to ptfe. And I had some laying around so I gave it a shot. :man_shrugging:

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I would defoliate interior and lower. Just for airflow. As they stretch for flower will be able to do another when everything opens up. Fans feed flowers. Too much is not recommended.


That’s kind of what I was thinking. Just wanted someone who knows what they’re talking about to say it. Lol. Gonna start with the oldest, damaged leaves and then make some room for light and air to get through.

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I used masking tape. Knew it had to come off. The way I did it just made the two branches like splints. I didn’t really tape around the break per se. I would have had to snap off branches to have space for the tape. The break was maybe two or three millimeters above the node.

If the top started dying I was gonna take it off and basically top the plant too low. It never did. It just stopped growing up for five or six days. Then it suddenly exploded. Just goes to show you that plants are a lot more resilient than we give them credit for.

I’ll try to get a clear picture of it when lights are back on later. The branches around the break are extremely thick.

Hopefully I didn’t do too much. Tried to defoliate strategically. Took a lot of old leaves that were touching the Coco or were already damaged. Then went through and took several that were blocking light or air flow. Here’s the end result.

And what I removed

Probably a bit heavy handed looking back at it, but it’s all XP to me.

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@Outlaw Hi there. you can use the plumbers white tape or electrical tape because they will stretch with the branch and u can leave it on most of the time.

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