How's my grow looking?

Lovely ladies! Fat fan leaves hanging over budsites can go. No biggie there.

That tall cola is gonna use alot of the apical juice (hormones) youre gonna wanna keep tops around the same height like the other plant. No fuss tho. Superb first grow so far!


Looks great :+1:

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Went ahead and took off some leaves and gave the gals a nice TALL one.

Testing out some elevated gardens with the wife!!

Wish us luck on our new hobby! Can’t be more difficult than growing indoor medicine. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I wanna try that so bad but not legal yet

believe me I don’t have cannabis outside. :laughing:

I see lol they are saying by 2021 we should be legal for recreational use in NY


I live in the south man. Don’t see it happening for some time

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Welcome to my world. We have Initiative 65 (medical and pretty poo) and another ‘med initiative’ that is pure poo…

The second one only allows for ‘pharma’ type drugs similar to Cannabis. And only terminally ill patients. Which need meds but screw pot similar pills…

Ill vote for 65… but its NOT what im hoping for honestly

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Took my camera into the grow tent and took a few shots… :eyes:

Rita and her canopy at this point

Trinity and her canopy

Some bud porn. :heart_eyes:


@DankSZN looking good man

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Week seven!

Wondering if anyone can tell me what they think the leaves are telling me… :thinking:





Starting to smell really good and trichomes are stacking!!


What is goin on with the leaves? I think it’s a burn. Ph 6.5.


Yea looks like nutes it seems to start at tips

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This keeps happening and progress up the plants. I’m learning more with each generation. I’m planning a Sledgehammer flush the next watering on those plants showing the symptom. Any additional input?

I’m still learning myself when it happened to me I had to transplant anyways so I fixed the problem when I did that I’m not the one for that advice yet

When you watered the plant did you get any water on the leaves? Water acts like a magnifier and burns the leaf or nutes where splashed on it. Just saying.

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I’m gonna try to flush my ladies when they wake up this evening. Hope to stop whatever has begun to happen. Im assuming is nute lockout…

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Day 45 from Sprout

Just got done flushing.

Was putting in 6.6pH and getting 5.3 at first. Kept flushing until i got 5.9 on both. Trinity wasn’t as bad and started at about 5.6 pH. Also defoliated some of the bigger fan leaves that had the “rust” spots on them. I will monitor them both for the next few days and only water as needed

BEFORE flush

AFTER flush


They look good

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Thanks bro! I think this is the home stretch! Breeder says 68-78 days from seed to harvest. Day 47 by those metrics!

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