How's my grow looking?

:grin: :grin: :grin: Fricken Purp! I’m reading and thinking, wow, that’s a lot of dough for a light :rofl:

@DankSZN You’re in good hands and welcome to the forum :v:


For a tent I would go with a 2 x 4 x 5. I think it would fit the space nicely.
As for lights I have been looking… my question is out of qb132, qb120, qb288, which one would be the most preferred?
I have found some pretty good deals across the web on either alibaba or hlg’s own website for these boards. I just have to find some compatable heat sinks and a driver.
Unfortunately I am capped for comment limits as of now and haven’t been able to get back to y’all as quickly as I would have liked.

I’ve seen people get brands such as kingbrite and meijiu. Do you have any thoughts on these? Look similar to HLG.

I’m not familiar with who is offering what for the knock offs. Some of them are good, others using much cheaper leds and claiming they are top bin samsung.

For all intensive purposes two 288 boards is similar to four of the 120 or 132 boards. Driver needed is different for all of them, and the 120 and 132 boards don’t need heatsinks.

My first grow, 5 weeks into flower


Hey all.
We’re at day 11 since breaking through soil… are these pistols forming already???

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No they’re new leaves sites.

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Good morning all! Just wanted to post an update pic. I’ve had one (left) burst with growth and the other (right) playing catch up.

What does everyone recommend for nutrients?

I plan on LSTing at least one if not both of these as time goes on.

Apologies for the blurple lol

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Depends… budget. Liquid or dry? Organic or tried and true bottles?

I use fish emul. Liquid first few grows. The kind u find at home depot/walmart. Alaska fish ferts. 5-1-1 for veg. 0-15-15 for bloom. Ull need a calmag supplement, microbes, and a ph meter (Apera 20 ftw)

Im still using emuls. But its dry form now. Comes in a powder from Buildasoil. Seems like some good stuff! I also upgraded microbes from Recharge! to Tribus Original. Epsom salt for magnesium. N they offer a craftblend of micronutes (later addition for u)

There are tons of options. Fox Farms, General Hydroponics, MegaCrop, Jacks 321 (i also have some of this. Super cost effective and hella simple), Nectar of the Gods (expensive but seems quality), even Dr. Earth dry amendments when used right are sweet



We’re at day 19 out of soil and I started LST four days ago. These gals are staying short and tight. They haven’t spread out much. Two days ago I got a grow tent in the mail and set her up. Yesterday I got a light from Meijui that has QBs. Ladies seem to be loving it and have responded well. Im gonna allow these girls to grow out for the next few days and apply more LST as I hope they spread out more to allow such. I have lost a couple leaves, one for each plant, while I was trying to stretch in the first attempts of training.

Pistils are popping up on both!!

Side shot

I have only given them some cal mag 2 waterings ago. Received FF trio and will add into the regiment.

Let me know how I’m doing!


I think they are looking great and they will get the way u want trust me just keep LST u seem to be off to a good start man give it a few they will get there

Gave the ladies their first nute feeding tonight! Hope to see great results this week. I decided to go 1/4 the strength FF recommends.
AMAZING growth this past week with all the changes that have been made with their environment. I have a 4" AC Infinity on the way and will be throwing it all together into the grow tent. These gals are in preflower and should be stretching A LOT soon. Continuing LST with daily adjustments.
If you got any other suggestions please speak on it!
I think I’ve got a hold of this for now and can’t wait to watch these ladies flower up for me! I’ll continue posting every couple of days!


Sounds like you got this to me bud

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Thanks brother!

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Got the filter and exhaust fan in today! Just gotta modify my light fixture…


This is the setup I’m ordering in a few days

Looks decent!! Not sure about the inline fan… i went with AC Infinity because it was most recommended and saw many other brands be hit or miss or sound like hell after a few months.
I went cheap with just about everything else though.
2x4x5 tent on ebay for 65 bucks
Meijui 240W light for 165 including shipping on alibaba.
Smart pots on Amazon. A five pack that was relatively cheap.
Mars hydro has a good reputation. Im sure you did your research. :zipper_mouth_face:

I hope it’s a kick ass deal!


I own the sp250 and the ts2000

If you do buy it, I highly recommend removing the Driver from the back of the light and mounting it outside the tent. There should be plenty of cabling to do so.

Mars hydro uses these Shenzhen drivers Mounted on the back (2-4 black screw knobs hold them In place). Removing the drivers will save you a headaches trying to keep temps down. These drivers get really hot.

The white plug you see is removable and small Phillips screw driver to adjust light output.

I use their lights in my veg tent. The ts2000 flowered a 3x3 okay and the yield was okay (not great or bad).

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Thanks for the tip brother I deff will move it cuz I’m sure that the one I’m getting @ArmoredGoat

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What a difference a week makes!!



Ladies getting their stretch on!! Can’t wait to see them packing on BUDS!!


Outta likes but I’m right there with ya man

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