Hows my first grow looking

9 weeks old from sprout…4 days into flower. Am growing 2 bubblegum and 2 ak-47 in 4x4 tent.
Gorilla Glue in 3x3 is 5 weeks from sprout…am thinking I’m gonna veg till week 12 then flip. They’ll probably be crowded in 3x3 by then so hopefully my 4x4 will be clear so I can give them some more room. All are grown in FFOF and have yet to give them any added nutrients. Any suggestions for flowering or seeing something I could improve upon will be helpful…with that said I’m really enjoying the experience! And am looking forward to what the future holds


Hi John Doe,

Welcome. I’d flip to 12/12 now. A 3x3 might hold 2 mature plants, but 4 is pushing it. Especially if you veg for 12 weeks. You could alternatively buy a 4x4’ tent, which sucks but it would let you comfortably flower those plants. You still need to flip now though, IMHO.

Next round, I’d try one plant in there, or maybe 2 staggered, alternating between photos and autos.


I have a scrog net I can put in the 3x3 to help keep the height down but am not planning on flowering in there. Once my girls in the 4x4 r ready for harvest I’m gonna dry them in the 3x3 and move my GG in the 4x4 to flower. Do you think they would outgrow the 3x3 in 12 week veg with training techniques to keep height down? As I’ve just flipped the 4x4 tent

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Hey John and welcome to the community and thus the forums.

@KeystoneCops has some good points like vegging for 12 weeks is probably going to be to long but we will have to watch and see right now you still have a fair bit of room to grow I would NOT flip those yet they just don’t seem big enough you have room. So don’t rush to a decision just yet. Technically you can veg them as Long as you want and just trim them back as needed.

I’m going to back to the top.
I notice you have your drain system in the 4x4 with full squared 2x4’s and chicken wire and then the plates underneath… That looks like a big pain to drain/catch run off each time no?
Most people who do build it that way leave one side open to slide the dish out, might want to look around and come up with some new ideas.

Second is the netting, single nets for multiple plants generally is a hassle because if a plant needs to be looked at or moved you can’t they are now all tied to one netting… Instead a single net for each plant is ideal.
@merlin44 has some Awsome designs amongst others Mayne he will be so kind to post but if not be sure to check his profile and find his journal to scroll through.

Intresting lighting… What do you have in each tent? Let us know and maybe we can help with some recommendations so your getting the proper coverage and the best PPFD possible.

Are you PHing your water?

Are your pots full of FFOF? Or do they have a top/center plug of cooler soil like happy frog?
I’m thinking they are straight FFOF, also don’t feed very rich soil and you won’t need to for a while but you will know by reading the TDS run off.

Print this sheet out and tape it to the outer door of your grow tent and work on your VPD environmental controls


For the water I use RO and do not ph it as I’ve read that whatever the soil is the water will change to that ph and FFOF has a good ph for cannabis…and yes all pots are full with OF but recently got FF happy frog to start seedlings in as the OF has burnt most of mine. When I do add nutes I have a cheap PH meter with calibration Packets and a tds meter. As for lighting i have a optic 4xl in the 4x4

And in the 3x3 I have a optic 4


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Also I plan on switching the 2x4 chicken wire out for a pvc stand like in the 3x3 bc it is a pain to lift them up everytime I wanna test the runoff/dry it up.

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Sounds all good except the not PH ing water…
Ph your water

Soil is the best buffer yes but it still matters, or don’t PH it and PH one plants water to watch the difference, since you have not been PHing water read your runoff PH so you can get it back in range if it’s way out of wack.
6.5 for germination/veg
6.5-6.8 for flower (push a bit past 6.5 to absorb more P in flower.

Since you have the sheets I assume you know how to use them and dial in your light’s

Also next time you plant out a bottle in the center of the pot, fill the pot 3/4 of it with FFOF (you have to mix all your soil so it’s 30% perlite for cannabis so add more perlite to it as well as Mykos) then pull the bottle and fill the plug and top 1/4 with happy frog.
That is currently to my knowledge the best way to grow in soil with these soils.
The plug allows tap root to grow into the rich soil, Mykos grow better roots as do the perlite it let’s the roots breath and avoids soil compaction


your humidity is to low pump it up to 60% in veg then taper it down in flower


Looks like he’s trying he’s got 2 humidifiers inside the tent but I think he lives in a dry climate so the only thing he could really do is get a temp controller to control the exhaust fan in order to limit how much its on to allow humidity to build.

A controller will only turn the fan in when the tent gets to hot


Its winter where I live so the humidity gets into the 20s…I’ve got 2 humidifiers that can get it around 55 but have to run at full power and refill twice a day. I do work and an currently the only one that tends to the garden so instead I keep them lower power to run for longer periods of time in case I’m not around to fill them up when they run out. Would it make that big of a difference in growth getting it to around 60 than mid 40’s? If so then it will be worth the extra effort

Get this one it’s got a much larger tank, I hear you I’m in Alberta and it’s cold and so dry the snow squeeks…

Getting your VPD in range will greatly increase your growth, follow the chart I sent you above

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Ok thanks for the advice, do you buy strains off ilgm? What would be some favorites that you grew

I’m from Canada so I can’t unfortunately, if I did I wouldn’t buy their autos I would stick to their photos they have great genetics and support oh and of course community! Their special strain the Gold Leaf would be what I would want to try people speak highly of it you can’t get it anywhere else, not sure if you like sativas to do daytime stuff or indicas that couch lock you to Netflix and chill.
If you want autos go to a autoflower breeder that has a great reputation and is producing top genetics I can’t promote anyone else its part of the rules I believe but you could check out my journal I’m just starting a new one

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It would be worth your time if you want nice weed big buds…even a consistent 50/55% humidty will work during veg then taper it down in flower to 35% I grow in the winter also but I do get humidity with the weather so it’s a job im like you I do it all myself and learn bye mistakes…TLC is everything

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That being said my humidity always sucks I and harvest pretty decent last easy 2 autos at 6.7oz’s a littler lower than my normal 4oz an auto.

But optimal VPD definitely will help very proven basics

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I love your pot stands!!!

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