Hows my buddys looking?

Hey ILGM Forums✌️ This plant is a buddy of mine, he didn’t make an account bc he’s just a lil paranoid lmao… He’s having a few problems with his female sour deisel, the leaves keep on falling off and it’s a lil stretchy bc of the 9w red/blue light and he needs a bigger pot its gonna suffocate itself. Any more info on what he can do to fix it before it dies would be great !

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Lights! Lights! Lights! Are the most important thing need a strong grow light and the final pot to be at least 5 gallon (smart pot best. stops over watering) do you know that medium hes growing in or nutes?


She is Dying for light


They are correct, lighting issue first and foremost.


Can you refresh me on what a medium and a nute is I’ve heard them.

Hope your not trolling lol but medium is soil snd nutes is nutrients N-P-K are the 3 main nutrients a plant needs

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Medium is what one grows in. Soil. Coco, etc.
Nutes are fertilizer. What you feed the plant

Tell your buddy he needs to transplant asap. Fabric pots are the current go to, but plastic containers are fine. Just add lots of drainage holes. Those clay pots are sucky for cannabis.

As for soil, at this stage fox farms ocean forest would be perfect.

And lights, he needs better lighting.

Oh yeah lmao ik what npk is I have my notes somewhere. And he’s using soil with alfalfa meal, bone meal, and worm castings.

Plant nutrients are divided as macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients being the “main” nutrients. They are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. I believe oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen also fit, but we don’t feed them.

I get what you are saying, but the calcium, magnesium, and sulfur are overlooked a lot.


Yes I am still growing my GSC and it need more magnesium so I mixed some Epson salt in the dirt for more fertilizer

And any lights recommended that are lower on price and wattage so it doesn’t use up electricity?

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You’re asking the right guy @dbrn32

They will all use electricity. Some just more efficiently.

Epsom salt Is great for adding magnesium. You can just add it to your water before feeding. The sulphur in it is supposed to be good for increasing terpenes.

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More light
Bigger pot
More soil
Go from there

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2 plants great light will run $300
But anything in pics will be much better than you have now as that light is great for seedlings but they grew out of that light a long time ago and of you want some nice flowers and yield you need the food they drink… Light

There are many lights out there like on amazon but most aren’t a good bang for your buck in the long run

Just my thoughts
Let there be light
And soil and critters and stuff


Also drill 4 more holes in the bottom of those clay pots for better drainage or better yet buy a couple fabric pots (5 gallon minimum) and up pot them with more fresh soil. And new fresh LIGHT

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Goddamn you tha plug man


How big is the space he’s growing in?

Literally his closet lmao he gonna move it today tho

Sunraise makes a 1000 watt replacement lamp it costs about $112 bucks and uses little electricity there are a lot of crappy led lamps for cheap but if your looking for a lamp that will get the job done I would purchase it immediately here is the link [Full spectrum 1000 watt HID replacement](1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower SUNRAISE LED Grow Lamp with Daisy Chain Triple-Chips LED (15W LED)
Also you need to transplant them and you need microbes to help turn the nutrients in a form that the plant can’t uptake putting epsom salt in the soil doesn’t mean the plant will be able to uptake the magnesium when transplanting use this on the root ball before putting it in its new pot [Cannabis, best friend](Xtreme Gardening RTI RT4402 Mykos, 2.2-Pound Bag
Also you need to make sure your pH of the water fluctuate from 6.0-7-0 since each nutrient uptake this nutrients at slightly different levels you should buy a organic fertilizer that you could add to your transplant soil so all you will have to do is water and once a month replenish the nutrients by working into the top soil… if you take time to research you could save those plants. You have to read read read Light,tempiture, humidity,nutrients and pest control are where you should start you need to learn everything possible about these variables.

The light I recommended will be enough to show you what it can do here are pics of my grow only using this led lamp

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