Hows it looking, on my first indoor run

On my first indoor run. Vegged these girls for 10wks, super bushy, not super tall, but hoping they might get a little virtical during stretch.
I gave them36hrs of dark the switched from 18/6 to 12/12.
Its been almost 1wk of 12/12, can see just a few little pistils hairs showing. Put a net in(is that too early).
Had to take 2 out of thent as it was too crowded, put them under a TS1000.

How does it look?

Light=CLW ss550(12/12)
Med=perlite, vermiculite, peet, worm, premium organic soil.
Tent = 4x4
Nutes= water eod, heavy weight and powerfeed every 7 days. Cal/Mag every 2nd feed.
Ph= checked every water & feed to about 6.0.


Looking like they’re set to take off like rockets :rocket:

The ladies look nice and healthy.