Howndo I use the plant protector package from Robert?

I have 120 indoor plants that are about 4+ ft tall and I’m in 5th week of flower. I have powdery mildew and I bought he plant protector package off Roberts site. Can you please give detailed instructions on how to use each one (root protector, mold control, and bug blaster)? The bottles are so small, the site said each bottle is enough for an entire cycle for 90 indoor plants. So do I only put 5ml into one quart of water and use for all the plants? I normally use 2 gallons when I foliar feed, so would I use 40ml for the 2gallons? That would be two entire bottles of mold control for only one time of foiliar feeding. That’s would be rediculous, since each package is $40 and I would have to order a new one every 10 days to keep up with the mildew treating. Or do I need a diff mister? One that would allow one quart to be enough? I used organic apple cider vinegar in week two of flower, bcuz it was recommended on the site. But I used 16tsp of organic apple cider vinegar in 2gallons, and foliar fed them diring lights off. But, it dried up my plants and slowed the buds down. A few plants completely dropped and wilted to no return. I just don’t want to make any other mistakes. I even used the 40% milk to 60% water like 10 days later, and the pm is still progressing. Please give completely detailed instructions for each product of the plant protector package. Thank you.

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