Howdy and update from JonnyPM!

Holy cow, can’t believe how fast time flies! Thought I’d finally check back in and let you know what’s going on over here since you’ve all been so helpful in the past. Now you can see some of the fruits of our labor, lol. Tagging in some who helped me in the past, and again, I apologize for not getting everyone. @MattyBear, @blackthumbbetty, @dbrn32, @Covertgrower, @Myfriendis410, @monkman, @Midwestnewbie, @Viktor7

And here’s link to my original post if I did it right:

Harvested the first two and got 2 ounces from one plant (on right) and 1 ounce from other plant (on left). They were bag seeds, I have no idea what besides an indica or hybrid. Both do the job great, the left one had a lot more amber trichomes which didn’t break my heart. I was happy with that much on my first grow and I only smoke about 1/8 a week.

Then I planted a bunch more bag seeds and ended up with two girls. They both hermied, but they didn’t effect anything else and didn’t grow hardly any seeds. HOWEVER… I was in final flush of one (flipped to 12/12 from seedling, if anybody recalls) and went on a 3 day trip and came back and half of it was moldy. So I only harvested a small bit from it - 4 grams, lol. Then when I checked on the other one in a different room I saw it was starting to show signs of making more seeds so I harvested it with no flushing or anything, I’ll see how it turns out. They are both still curing. But I got 23g from that one. Not a lot but it wasn’t a big plant either.

Most of the errors occurred because I had too much planting going on and couldn’t keep things going as best they could. I also found a light leak in the flower room which has been resolved, so I’m hoping that is what caused the hermies. Temp and RH are pretty consistent.

So on to bigger and better things. I finally bought and started two feminized seeds. A WW x BB for me and a BB x Super Skunk CBD for my wife. Other plants were in 3 gal. pots, these are in 5. They are huge compared to my other plants. Here’s a pic well before putting in 12/12 room.

Then a buddy gave me a GG#4 plant and I started flowering that about a month before putting the two feminized plants in. This thing is about 2 feet tall and buds are so dense it’s bending over.

So here they all are. The GG#4 is getting ready for final flush any day now. Barely getting milky trichomes. The other two in back are a week into 12/12. The one on the right (WW x BB) just got watered so it’s still a bit droopy.

After starting with AN nutes on the first round, I switched to Mega Crop and sups for these girls. I don’t really know why, cost? I don’t have anything to compare it too, but these two feminized plants are the biggest I’ve grown so far. I’ve topped and supercropped to where I’ll have 24-28 main colas on each one.

Thanks again for this forum and everyone’s involvement - couldn’t be doing this without all your help!



Congrats on your harvest! Looks like you got some things figured out as your current tent looks nice and green. Keep up the nice Work and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Good luck :four_leaf_clover: :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree:


Awesome job, congrats on the harvest!


great job on the harvest, congrats! you didn’t have to yank the plant out that had seeds, next time let her finish and smoke her anyway!




I’ll know that later, thanks @monkman!


Congrats on the chops! Nothing like enjoying the fruits of ur own labors!

Now to the new ladies! That GG looks funky! And droopy is so bushy! Cant wait to see the next hauls


Thanks! I knew I forgot to tag someone in, could picture the #24 screen image of course, lol, not the name. And I forgot Will @garrigan62, sorry!

Yeah, that GG is hanging so low I have a light under it too. The buds are big and dense, can’t wait to chop it in 7-10 days.


Thanks. She is an inspiration to us all :heart_eyes::joy::+1:t5:


No worries my friend I’ ll still be here for ya.

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my first harvest was over a decade ago and it was horrible. plucked too early, full of seeds and because it was plucked early they were tiny white seeds and impossible to get out of the airy headache bud. i’d say you did awesome. and i have a feeling you may be increasing that 1/8 a week slightly. :joy: