How/where to tie down plant during flowering?

How far twoards the top of a never topped plant can u tie it down? Where should i tie it down at and with what? My GDP is so tall its like inches from my light by the very top of cola :disappointed:


@2absolute2purity2 before you go bending that baby watch a few super cropping vids by Bill Ward or Kyle Kushman on YouTube. You gotta really loosen up that stalk first. Then you can bend it wherever you choose that suits your situation. But tread carefully, it’s precarious if your already in flower to not destroy your harvest lol.


Post us a pic Growmie :love_you_gesture:

Here is a pic of my GDP that I thought I fimmed (that didn’t take). I thought I would super crop her but the branch was to stiff so I tied some twin around her and gently bend her over and tied her down. Every couple of days I would bend her over a little more.


How far into flower is it?

Here is a pic before I tied her.


Echoing @Fieldofdreams here. Check into supercropping. A pair of pliers will solve all your light burn worries.

@Graysin with some tape on those pliers lol for less scarring. :wink:

Who needs less scarring? :wink: I should show you my mother plant stalk some day.

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This seems to be a good problem to have. Hey next time you’ll understand more about starting the training early when the branches are supple. A good argument for topping (early) that strain growing in that area.

One of those Bill Ward videos discussed and showed “STALK CRACKING”, the noise made from two handed counter twisting a section listening for the audible crack sound. Supposedly assists bending and allows easier bending and recovery. this process assisted small stalk bending by making stalk more supple. Video mentioned easier on small and medium stalk and not so on trees.

@DEEPDIVERDAVE you making any stalk stomping vids lol :joy: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Fieldofdreams are you referring to yesterday stomping? Bottom left leaner laying down after stomp accident. Tuff to see in the rain, my excuse and sticking to it.