How when and where to prune

Hi Im first time grower and need to know how when and where to prune. I don’t want to go hacking at it thanks

Look like some pretty healthy plants to me. Do you mean topping pinching perhaps since if your fan leaves are still healthy they are fuelling the plants growth. They appear to be a nice strain tight nodes, if you are trying to encourage more limbs research topping they may be a little small for LST

Also appear to be running hps for pruning advise strain stage of growth are the other details you may want to share every strain has it’s nuances some like pruning or training some don’t. Devil is in the details.

It is best that you go ahead and download; “Roberts”, Free Grow Bible. This will answer your question, and give you a clue. We will be happy to assist you in your grow, from there.

Seems to me you have that light way to close
Any way you can get it up above your plants?
Then you will see her reach for the light and speads her leaves.


The light is at the top of the tent that is a fan you can see

It is a fan, I’ll be damed…lol my eyes are getting bad
I’m sorry…lol


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