How well matched are ILGM's mix packs?

I like to grow one strain at a time. It allows me to tune the nutes for that strain and they (hopefully) finish together

My first grow was a mixture and I had one plant that took a lot longer to finish. That was a pain because the next batch was ready to go but the ‘late developer’ was really tall and needed the light to be at the top of the grow tent.

I’m jealous of the guys & gals growing multiple strains but I worry that they will mess up my ‘conveyor belt’ growing strategy. Have you grown mix packs? How well do they go together? I grew White Label seeds Blueberry some years ago and it was awesome (like getting hit with an iron bar!) I’d love to try out the fruit mix

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I tend to do my homework on each strain individual in a mix pack because finish times and rates of growth should pair well I think some mix packs are just for variety from one grow to next without having to reorder.

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@DVM i have a fruity mixpack and the blueberry is a 9 week flower, the pineapple is closer to 11 weeks, i thiink the strawberry is a like 10 weeks

That’s a shame, two weeks with just one plant sitting in the flowering tent is a problem especially since I want to SCROG. How closely matched are they with respect to nutes?

Maybe our leader could be persuaded to offer mix packs that will live & grow together rather than themes? (No offense intended)

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@dvm honestly, you can grow two of the same plant, side by side, and do everything exactly the same and still come out with entirely different plants. Its all in which phenotypes present themselves i think

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@DVM i have a bubblegum and ak47 in same tent under scrog. If i have to, i can harvest one without disturbing the other

Sure, my current Gold Leaf grow (3 plants) is showing 2 distinct phenos. The mix packs are awesome since you get more variety for less cash but I want ‘the moon on a stick’ - multiple strains all with the same nute requirements (coz I’m lazy) and all finishing at the same time (coz I’m greedy)

TBH, to achieve this then I probably need to grow three clones from the same mother :wink:

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@DVM, you may want to check out @Donaldj topic about grafting

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@DVM I was reasearching the mix packs related to another question you had, we were talking about canopy heights. Sorry, better late than never. The fruity mix packs are mostly for variety. Best bang for the buck. The pineapple haze is more sativa dominant and will grow much taller than the strawberry Kush in the same package. Hope this helps. If you really want multiple strains, just see what the indica/sativa ratio is, and match that with another strain of the almost the same ratio, or pure indica. Most indicas stay short. Hybrids (most are) can be really unpredictable. My Girl Scout Cookies showed very pronounced indica during veg, when I changed to 12/12, they stretched out like a sativa showing their other genes. Hope you find this informational. Your grow may vary.


“… mostly for variety. Best bang for the buck”

Yeah, that’s the impression I am getting. Awesome for sequential, same strain grows but I’m still looking at 6 months if I want to taste the whole rainbow (3 pipelined grows at 2 months a go). Bummer


I’m currently growing the Patriot mix-pack, and it’s going great! I grow on a continuous basis, I have a big flower tent, a small germination chamber, and 2 veg cans (big plastic trash cans with a fan in the bottom and light in the lid). I’ve got a big Sour Diesel in a 5-gal pot, and a Bubblegum and AK-47 each in 3-gal pots. They’re all in Week 6 of flower. I have another Bubblegum in Week 3.

I also have 2 more AKs and 2 more SD in the seedling stage in one of the veg cans. And a Banana Kush vegging in the other can. Also, a 3-week old White Widow auto rounding out the flower tent.

Obviously, I want a good yield, so I do a little LST, and I’ll usually top them at least once, maybe an occasional supercrop. But for the most part, the fun for me is the variety. Yes, sometimes I screw up and accidentally give a vegging plant flower nutes, or miss a watering, or go too long without trimming, but I still get good yields, and keep a steady variety in stock. And I have FUN!! :smile:

Oh, to answer the question of how well matched, I got the Patriot specifically for the 2 high-octane Sativas (SD & AK), so those with a nice, balanced hybrid seems like a perfect match for my tastes. I got one of the Holiday deals, so I got 10 of each for like $100.

I haven’t tried AK, but along with Blue Dream (which is on my list for next year), Sour Diesel is my favorite strain. I like to smoke while I work (don’t worry, I work at a desk!), and SD is great for just zoning out and focusing in. I can sit there for 4 hours straight just drilling through work, and it seems like it whizzes by in a heartbeat!

So for me, it makes sense to have 2 Sativas for daytime/work smoke, and then a little higher Indica mix in the BG for relaxing in the evening.

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