How we looking in my grow

I am in the flower cycle now Just wondering what you guys think they are only two weeks in I had to move the biggest one wouldn’t fit in my grow room so I made a make shift one

Your plants, what kind are they? Sativa? Jack Herer?  They look healthy with nice color! I see a little reaching in the top half, are you flowering with HID's? HID's are what the plants are wanting in the worst way right now. Any light, applied correctly, will flower your plant with decent results. However, I would give this gal at least a 400w HPS if she alone by herself. At least that would be what I would want to do if I had the means and equipment laying around not being used. 

Any how I think she looks great and Good Job BTW… If it were me I would try to get her a little more light.
Riverzone420 - Bay Area, Ca.

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I agree with Riverzone420 here, the plants look very stretched out and “leggy”, they look ok otherwise, but they certainly could use some training for the type of light you are using, or a much more intense light to prevent all the stretching in the first place.

You want to develop your plants for the light they have access to, for the most part you want to attempt to have all the branches and/or tops getting about the same amount of intensity of light. All those smaller lower branches that are not getting as much light will not develop very good buds, they’ll be very small, thin and “fluffy”, not very large or dense, what some people refer to “popcorn nugz”.

They are just some random seeds I have saved up over the years. This is also my very first grow so I appriciate the advice. I ordered new lights a full spectrum led witch should take care of the lighting issues I have better seeds I’m going to start that I oreded just testing it out and seeing how
I could go

Hi, How is my first grow looking?.

Hi, how is she looking?.

David … your plant looks great! I’m on my second grow this year and having so much fun with it.

I agree they look awesome keep up the good work

B safe

@Jcc2010, since you already 2 weeks into flower, It would be a very good idea to get some side lighting all around the bottom half of both plants.

Judging from the first 2 photos, the light being used looks like it can’t be more than a 20w cfl at most and that might make the flowering a waste of time. If you lucky, you could harvest probably 10g (AT MOST BUT PROBABLY LESS) of very fluffy buds off each plant.

Some florescent tubes placed vertically around the plant would do good if you can’t go with something more solid like an HPS bulb.

Both plants look healthy and happy though.

Hi MT1, garrigan62, Its my first try I wish i had started earlier and i am enjoying it. Thanks.


Hi Lyla, Its a 200watt horticultural lamp specially made for grow tents in both light spectrums. Thanks for your input.

nem pics.