How to use organic nutrients

Hello Grow Gang, I am very curious about organic nutrients. Me and my friend just experimented with roots organic nutrients. So we mixed them all up and ph was at 4. Like to idiots we ph up the nutrients back to 6.3 and gave it to his girls of course everybody has a super brave friend i thought that might be the end of those girls so far so good. But i researched and learned that the proper way to use roots organic nutrients was to air pump 24 hours until ph get close to normal. Do anyone know the correct way to use roots organic nutrients ???

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I suggest you go to roots organic and see what they advise.

If that does not work, then I would go to youtube and watch all the best videos on roots organic. Best way to learn about a product is to research data and watch viable videos.

We are all about helping.


Depends on exactly which products you have from them. What you are describing is basically brewing, with the use of aeration and circulation. They do recommend this for some of their products. Other products they offer brewing isn’t required. Aurora Innovations is name of the company that produces roots product line, and they do have information on best practices on their website. I have only used their original blend soil and terp tea though, can’t help beyond that.