How to use filter tips

I saw someone ask what the hell are these and why would I want to “filter” my weed?

Here is the why…
I can roll like a mother fu riot, but for what ever reason she gets weed in her mouth

The “filter” is just a bit of cardboard thickness of construction paper you fold and roll into your joint that keeps the weed in the joint not in your mouth

That’s the thing

I slice it in half to make a smaller “filter”

Next you crinckle it like an accordion pattern for a few crinkles



Doesnt raw make premade round tips ? I think its raw. My son uses them.

Yep they do , good stuff , been using a vaporizer

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Good stuff I didn’t know how to use them and truthfully I think we waste more than we smoke sometimes rolling up without these, can say I’ve smoke anywhere close to the end on any j’s for awhile

I use O.C.B. brand. Cheap and plentiful, no glue (150 leaves for less than .01$ each) burn 'em short then bust 'em up and recycle for a late night snack so to speak. The remaining roach roach is smoked in a home made one hitter.