How to use ash water


Recently I was reading one of the articles sent out by Robert and it was talking about how to get big buds. The 10-30-10 known as NPK mixture he said is hard to get the level so you could use ashes soaked in water. Well I can do that I have a fire place.But it was not explain well enough. Do I pour it on the soil as is water and ashes? Are do I drain the water and just use that. Are do I use the water when I feed and mix in the nutrients as I PH ? Ive been at this and have put in my first year with learning all I can fro you all and I thank everybody. My 3rd. harvest was the best because I broke down and brought a portable air conditioner and dehumidifier . My room hold 6 girls. Now its perfect all the time . But if this method will help me get bigger buds well I’m willing to try it. Access the ash is easier if there is a way to buy NPK to achieve that 10-30-10.Can you explain the correct method please?


I guess this is something no one know anything about. Because I have not heard anything from anyone. I have tried to find out ,I read a small piece it was no help either. Still looking .If it gets good I’ll let you in on what I find. Until good growing.


Well grow family I found out a little info about the use of ash around your girls… You only do this if your soil does not have a good acid balance . So I think the first thing you should do is take a soil sample put it in some water and check the PH balance of your soil. through what I’ve read and from the videos I’ve looked at you can sprinkle in a dusting like manner on the surface and water. You don’t want to make it too heavy as the ash well work it way into your soil and could do more harm.than good. But it is always a good thin to check the PH of your soil anyway.


ash is a good “buffer” - just use “de-natured” water. it’s tap water that has been set out for 24hrs. - simple


Thanks Steve2 .But you didn’t say if I use it as is or drain the water off of the ash. After I posted this question I did use my meter to test the PH of my soil. The water had sat and allowed everything to settle and I put my meter in and got a reading of 6.2 . Is this as good as I’m thinking. And if my soil is in good condition, would you still suggest using the ash water. Once again thanks.I’ll past this information on to the form were I first ask the question so our fellow growers can also keep up.