How to use a ph tester

I using this right now, very happy with it.


:triumph: I hate this thing om.

Big waste of money I’m better off using a liquid I can’t even read the instructions the video on it doesn’t show you crap I don’t know understand why you want to sell something and you can show someone how to set it up I’m in the grow guy at the store. Tried to explain it it has a reset button in the back that is so easy to break a big waste of money

What I’m seeing is my water is fine.

I have a Hanna Ph meter looks almost identical to your except mine is red. Buttons are exactly the same as well. To calibrate mine I just use the 4.01 and 7.01 hanna solutions. It’s super easy.

Turn on the meter
Press CAL button
Insert into the 7.01 solution the meter will read “rec”. When it’s done with that step it will tell you to use the 4.01 solution. After you insert it in that after a few seconds you’re done!

I should’ve got that one it looked a little simpler I think he broke the reset button. He put the battery and tried to set it. Told me it was ready to be humidified for a few hours and then do my calibration well I can’t reset anything or do nothing. Something ain’t right and then he’s going claimed that he didn’t break it because in distilled water it is showing 7.2 there’s no way

He had other ones acted like this one is good. I don’t think it is a simple as they try to make out like it is. I’ll be running out getting liquid in the morning. It’s not as simple as they try to make out and I do like that one that you have maybe that was the one I should’ve got

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My house water is 6.0

This is got me a little aggravated I can’t see as good as I used to. The instructions are kind of weak. I’m not understanding my pH readings I haven’t stuck it in any nutrients anyway it’s just been in water and distilled water I am trying to calibrate it I’ll get it taken care of tomorrow

@Hellraiser. Just ordered one. My cheapie pen fell in the runoff when I walked away to do laundry. I came back and it was soaked - when I shook it I could hear water sloshing. I am pH adjusting from memory and can’t test pH runoff until the meter shows up Sunday🥲. Of course is was my problem girl named “Gary”. If something is going to happen to my grow somehow Gary is involved.

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What it is they talk about two types of solutions to calibrate well I do not have to use those two that is why it’s confusing me. I think I got it figured out now

That’s like dropping money at the store

@Hemp. Exactly!

I’m high lol. I wish. 6.9.

So 7 is my water strait from tap. 6.5 after sitting for over 24 hours after adding nutrients. 5.0 about. I did put a little more than usual. It’s low.

I going to get the soil tester also. That’s one I’m really worried about.

@hemp. My water from the tap runs 7.2 to 7.4. I adjust it down with citric acid. I am just ready to flip to bloom and have no idea how the addition of cal mag or new nutes are affecting the pH since I have no way to measure!

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I was a little high. On the ph of the water. I got it working right. My water was about the same as yours Jane. When I did it in nutrients it dropped way down. I set the ph at about 6. Something. It wasn’t past 6.5. All my drainage was above 5.5 but one was low. I just gave them nutrients today. Then I’ll water same schedule this week. See what happens to my pH in drainage

i’m on the right track now I’ll never grow like that again without having the proper stuff.5 girls under a 1000w and a 600w. @merlin44

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