How to turn veg off-cut leaves into something smokeable

Hey everyone, Now into week 7 since the seeds were put into the pot. I have been trimming off the lower sets of fan leaves as they yellow. In the grow bible, Pg 62 it says that leaves removed during veg can be smoked. I guess I should dry and cure ? Any help is appreciated.

Post a pic, at 7 weeks you shouldn’t have any yellow leaf’s

Gday, @Noumcea. You are right leaves removed during growth can be smoked but you would need to smoke a fair bit of leaf to get even a mild buzz. Large fan leaves can have a small thc content but if they are yellowing the thc level will be vitually nil. Young supple new growth and tips can have significant amounts of thc that can smoke up quite good. If you fim or top your plants definately dry and smoke the tips . Most growers will wait until harvest and then use leaf and trim to make hash or edibles. Green healthy leaves are the ones to smoke if that is what you want to do,anything yellow is useless and better off as compost.


You don’t have to cure them. Just dry and smoke

@boardsbird @mountainman1, This is my first grow and am learning a lot. I planted my seeds in their forever home so the 1st week doesn’t really count. They broke through at then end of week 1. So I would say I am 5wks into veg. Indoor grow tent grow in coco. I found out only yesterday that my light source was too close and raised it yesterday. I stunted the grow height with the light lower than required. This also caused the yellowing of the lower fan leaves. Since the light adjustment, I only had 3 sets of yellowed fan leaves which I removed today. Hopefully everything will be sweet for last few weeks of veg. Am growing 2 x Pineapple Haze and 2 x Skunk#1, all are fem. It was the PK that had the yellowing lower fan leaves. All sorted now. The PK’s are 1’ tall and the Skunks are about 9" tall. The PH are each showing over a half dozen bud sites at various levels from node 1 all the way to node 5. The Skunks are looking lovely but it looks like they will only have a couple of buds from what I see at the moment although but hopefully, big ones. Every plant has been fimmed. Am wary of posting pics as the metadata contains my info. Will try to work through that though.

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