How to turn BHO wax into edible RSO

This is probably a stupid question but I’ve been unable to find an answer anywhere. Concentrates are alot cheaper than flower where I live but I no longer smoke so want to know how to turn BHO wax or shatter into RSO. Not oil, butter etc. Can I just dissolve in Everclear? Do I need to decarb? Do I need to heat Everclear?
Like I mentioned it seems like I should be able to find an answer to this question on any of the myriad mmj cooking sites but nope. Thanks

Yes you could. It will dissolve directly into alcohol. It may take some agitation and patience, but it will dissolve.

You can decarb before dissolving, which is most recommended.

For BHO to be decarbed, it’s 240F for about 30 mins. You’ll find decarbing instructions on many places, but for BHO, you’ll want to visually verify the extract has stopped bubbling. When it’s stopped bubbling, it’s fully decarbed. Bubbling occurs as the amino acid (THCA) is dropped off, decarbing to THC.