How to treat alternaria

Question from a fellow grower!

Can you tell me about alternaria? I’m treating with an organic solution. Can this fungus be killed? Will it affect my buds? Thank you for your help, dale

This is from Dinafem Seeds.

“## What is Alternaria?

Alternaria – or Alternaria alternate , one of its most common strains – makes part of a group of fungi ( Pleosporaceae ) that includes 44 different species spread virtually all around the world and that is closely linked to the decomposition of organic matter. Its impact is such that it is believed to account for nearly 20% of the global crops loss.

But the risk is not limited to plants, this fungus can affect humans too. Its consequences can vary in gravity and may sometimes cause skin or respiratory allergies (rhinitis, asthma, etc.). Reportedly, between 10 and 15% of the global population is allergic to Alternaria in varying degrees.”

I wish I could post to their article. Loads of information.