How to transfer from 5G bucket to ground

what’s best least shocking way to transfer a 2 month old plant in veg into the ground from a 5 gallon bucket??

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Damp soil in the bucket, prepare your hole with whatever soil and amendments you want, sprinkle some mycos in the hole and gently remove your plant from the bucket and put in the hole. Water with distilled or R/O water.

You can use rooting powder and I also water with Superthrive at transplant. Be aware the ST raises the TDS of the water drastically.

Cut the bucket with a zip disk. Bottom off and two slices in the sides.


I like to tease any roots that are swirling in the container. May cause a little stress but you can always use Kelp meal or Epsom Salts to minimize stress.

could I dig a hole and use shears to cut the bottom 1/4 then set roots and top 3/4 the bucket into the ground?
maybe then water a lot and work the bucket out pulling up?

less complicated to just roll bucket till soil is loose then transplant. cut bucket if needed.

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