How to train plants to grow straight up and not bushy

I have 12 plants getting ready to go into a 4x4 space with screen for colas and in 5 gallon buckets I have plenty of head room just can’t have them get real by bushy any help would be appreciated I thought about making a cage for each would this work?

@Foxcrew6 You might want to talk to others here who have grown in that space before. 12 plants, a screen for all your colas, in 4x4. you would probably get more with fewer plants. Remember, bushy = more colas. but if you have to have thin plants, then sativa dominant strains tend to be thinner plants.

Yea I agree with @bryan on this, I think you would be better off with 4 plants in a 4x4, that way they can grow bigger with the extra space around, specially if you plan on doing a SCROG


@Byran and @Ktrezz I get that it’s to many plants but I’m 50days in veg with 6 WW and 6 PH and another 10 days left before flower tent will be open for business for the new ladies I normally do 9 and it’s a little tight but I make it work space is about 4ftx56 inches so that helps a little I think I’m gonna put 3 stakes in pots and wrap rope so they can only go up with I transplant in to 5 gallon whatcha guys think? I just couldn’t bring myself to through away any clones I got 100% where I normally get 85% to root … so yea I’m in a pickle this round I do also have a screen I always use

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12 plants! Seems like a lot for a 4x4… my one plant is almost all of my 4x4. Good luck!:+1: Keep us updated, I’m interested in seeing what happens.

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@Foxcrew6 I’m with these guys. You will get much better yields if you give less plants more room. So I feel your pain with the clones. Can you slow some of them down and grow half at a time?

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I was just going to add this…
Cooler temps and less light will probably slow them way down, did on mine anyway.

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@legalmaine I thought about keeping a few best ladies as mothers but I’m really scared to try Bonasi moms,thanks for the idea of slowing them down could that slow down for 50-60 days see that’s scary to me also

Yea I would say you have about 7 to many in that space thats a lot of plants for a little space, if, you want them to grow taller I seriously wouldn’t advise this however it will be enough light to make them stretch instead of growing bushier. Again I really wouldn’t advise it because it requires giving less than optimal light for them or if possible, you can raise your lights causing them to stretch towards the light source


And also one effective way before they get in flower supercropped every lateral branch on the plant to slow down lateral meristems (lateral or wider growth) thus it will focus its growth on apical meristems (upwards growth) the smarter thing to do in my opinion

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@Majiktoker I totally wasnt thinking when I kept all of them except I wanted to save all the ladies and I was surprised I got a 100% success rate over 5 years of growing I was excited then I started THINKING again. So your saying raising lights way up when I flip and keep high so they stay stretching after the normal stretch time I have 7-1/2 ft ceilings with lights and exhaust I probably have 6-1/2 plants will be about 3-1/2 in 5 gallon buckets so that leaves 3 ft right to light but I could maybe bend top colas what ya think

I will look in Roberts bible on suppercropping I normally only top my plants but I read everything I get from Robert in emails and refer to his bible alot

@Majiktoker so light deal gonna hurt yield, quality any thoughts


It will but I realized how close to flower you were so I absolutely wouldn’t use that method wouldn’t necessarily ruin quality bud yield absolutely.

@Foxcrew6 can you raise your lights? And supercropping will help support bigger yields, and might I mention stressing her that was as close to flower as you are, it might actually help increase trichome production thus meaning higher thc level :slight_smile:

@Majiktoker please read 6th post back

I agree with every thing but, to help guide in the right direction they will stretch for normal time, however raising lights they’ll definitely stretch more than they are now and I can almost garuntee it at this point

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@Majiktoker they will be atleast 60days in veg,due to I’m about 10 days to harvest the 9 I got in flower now.Do you think 3ft is enough room they normally stretch about 1-1/2 ft but if I keep light up they will have further to go I’m really liking this idea even if I lose so yield I surely will still pull my normal 9 plant yield outta 12 with this ya think

Well moving them up you dont use yield my apologies if I misinterpreted that part above @Foxcrew6 but yea sounds good to me

@Majiktoker so are you sayin since they will be in veg for 60 I should be good (not holding you to this) should I put stakes and build cage or just let them stretch I run 4 p300 leds so I have the light