How to train after a seedling stretched?

Hi first post here for my first grow. Bagseed (I don’t remember what strain) sprouted 4 weeks ago to the day and it stretched for about a week before my light came in. Its just a small three arm bending LED from Amazon, it’s what my budget can afford at the moment- I know a big fancy light will solve most of my problems. All I had was miracle grow and terracotta pots so I had to wait until one week ago to transplant it to a 3 gallon SmartPot with the ocean forest soil and its looking happy!

I am looking for a little guidance on what to do at this stage since its 10" tall and isn’t very full. I’m learning as I go along and just read about training and topping the plant.

How should I start training it- bending it over and tying it down?
How do I get more nodes to form? Are they already or do I need to top it?
Why does it seem like its taking longer to get full- is it my lights?

Thank you in advance!


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I take the 4th node off when topping.
If you want tighter node spacings lower your ligh a bit. That light should do for early /mid veg, may have to look into somthing better for late veg/ flower…

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The node is just where the two branches come out for the leaves right? Does it look like it would be too early to top this one? It only started growing leaves with 5 tips.

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Start counting your nodes from the first true set of leves.
Don’t count the frist (baby leves). If not sure leave for another node…

Spot on mate.
I would top the one on the last photo.
When my seedlings streach too much I just plant them deeper when transplanting…

That light is definitely at its limit. You will need way stronger light to grow weed! The plant is leggy now! It will be seriously leggy soon! The branches will be slow to form. There is no way that those lights will make bud, I hope you have a plan there?

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Its getting lots of sunlight too, but I understand.

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I topped it off 4 days ago, like you said. Have had it under 24hrs of light and have lots of new growth! Thanks! Should I pin some of the branches down now?

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Sorry mate, been distracted by life.
Yes you can start your training. Have you supercroped before?
Just squeeze the stem adding weight till you feel it collapse under the weight of your fingers, then gently bend it in the direction you want the branch to grow.
Or you can pin down with wire, string, weights, what ever you have handy or feel comfortable with. How’s she going. Got any more photos. Have you looked into a better light?..

Hey thanks for getting back @StillSmokin ! I forgot to check on my question. I have had the plant under 24 hrs of light… its doing better than I thought so I have been looking into bigger lights now. I have been pruning a few fan leaves off a week and many grow spots are sprouting! You can see the leaves are growing downward because I have the lights on the side of the plant to get as much exposure as I can. Right now its under 30W, and I think that getting a 300W LED would be sufficient and I have seen them in the $75-100 range. I still have not been able to sex it yet, so I will probably look into buying some seeds soon as well.

Photos are from 7/24/2020

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Looks ok so far. The stronger light will be needed to get tight buds later. Would get her looking better in veg too. Keep up on the pruning, they love it…

I just want to comment on the stretch of this seedling.

WOW! Just WOW!


:joy: I re potted mine and they weren’t even as tall as the little one. :rofl:


Have a look at this. Might help you sex that plant…

Mine would’ve fallen over by then.

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@StillSmokin Thanks again for your advice! I got a new grow light, 600w is what the box says, was like $60 on Amazon. I put it on the “bloom” setting and she started flowering a couple weeks ago! Still pruning every few days, and the buds are growing fast.

I was going to start looking into some nutrients/fertilizers, what would you recommend?