How to tell when to harvest

Hello all I am a first time grower. I had a bit of bad luck this year with my photos they got hit with a fungus that blew in from a storm and killed all of them.

However I had started some autos that was hit by the same storm but they survived but was damaged I was able to bring them back to life and now need help determining when are they ready for harvest.

I can see some of the trichomes are turning brown does that mean they are ready?


Welcome to the Canna-Fam Growmie :love_you_gesture::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. You know when to harvest by checking your trichomes.

6 to 8 weeks after they start flowering start checking them for the percent of milky and amber you are looking for


At least 3 more weeks


One other question.

Can I spray my plants with Neems oil since they are flowering? I see flies and other insects on them now.

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The worst time Growmie, look into Captain Jacks Dead a bug and there’s some great YouTube videos on bud washing after harvesting :love_you_gesture:


Jabba here with my first grow Master Kush girls in a small greenhouse getting ripe. Flowers are attracting some bees and hummingbirds that I’ve had to assist in getting out of the greenhouse. Trichomes on the 7.5 ft. plant are getting creamy and hairs going amber, but haven’t seen any amber trichomes yet…see photo.

I’m guessing they are a couple weeks away. I’m asking for some of you supportive experienced growers to weigh in on how far this looks from harvest. What do you think?

Thanks and good growing to you all :evergreen_tree: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Looks like good smoke to me! Agree with 2 week assessment.


A few weeks left

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Well, Hobby & @plumbdand it looks like we may have to harvest this weekend. Now, at the end of our flowering, we are picking out tobacco worms from our many buds on our 7 ft. and 5 ft. remaining Master Kush plants. So now with some of these worms appearing, we have decided to harvest this weekend, even though we wanted to hold off another week. This photo shows how close we are with some amber showing with creamy trichomes and the buds thick with resin…


We will remove all the worms we can see over the next two days, then cut, and wash and rinse the plants in hydrogen peroxide and water, terminating any remaining worms, larvae, and bud rot. We were able to access a Youtube video of another grower dealing with the humidity in the Southeast area we are in and successfully using a hydrogen peroxide bath of their cut plants to salvage most of his harvestable buds. We learned alot from the support forum about how to handle the high humidity and resultant bud rot that began to show up in my four robust plants. We added a fan to our small greenhouse, then harvested two MK early to salvage them. Now we will bring these two big beautiful plants in to dry after harvest, patiently drying in our dry room 54% humidity, then bottle and burb these babies. We have learned so much in this first grow. Thanks :v: :slightly_smiling_face:

You dont have to harvest just remove caterpillars and any bud rot. Spray with BT.