How to Tell the ACTUAL Wattage of your lights?

I have 2 separate 1200W LED lights from TOAD, and one 600W LED light from Giixer. I have heard before that often times grow lights are not the actual wattage they advertise. I am curious how someone can tell before they purchase? How they can calculate the ACTUAL wattage from the advertised wattage? What is an ideal wattage level for a small tent containing 2-4 plants?

I am trying to do my due diligence and properly take care of my next grow before I start…

If someone can post links/pics of lights that would be good options that would be appreciated too


The type of lights you refer to are generally between 10 - 20% of what the manufacturer states.

The way to find out is to get a meter and measure power draw from the wall. These lights are very inefficient, so you can knock another 10% off power draw from the wall.

The manufacturer states the Glixer 600w draws 70 watts. The TOAD 1200w is stated by the manufacturer as 190 watts. These burple manufacturers misrepresent their light’s capabilities. You have to read the small print.


I would suggest HLG ,If you go with a reputable light manufacturer most wattages are fairly correct if anything you will get more out of the light from reputable manufacturers then use a watt meter


From the (limited) reading I’ve done, manufacturers will measure their lights in one of 2 ways…first is they will blatantly say “as bright as an xxx-watt light” so that’s what they call theirs. The second is by the LED count, and these are usually 10-watt leds, but the thing here is that’s their max output, typically they are dialed for only 2-watt/led, so about 1/5 of what is stated.

I have an 1800 watt COB light, but actual draw is only 360w. Works in my 4x4 well tho!


if you look at any major light manufacturer watts will be actual draw from the wall just my thoughts


Yep, but that excludes most Chinese knockoff light suppliers then!

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Lighting is a critical piece of gear. 1 great HLG 200 Diablo at $200 can be cheaper than a few off brand lights of different wattages. Realistically those lights give you an approximate average of 150-160 watts from the wall.


I have been following along and thinking that a light change might be beneficial. I searched for the HLG 200 and also found this any input would be helpful. ECO Farm ECOR Samsung LM301H 240W/480W Dimmable Quantum Board with Meanwell Driver

What size grow area are you trying to illuminate?

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I wish I could find that table I posted once that also looked at the watts and type of light. I wish I was more organized!


I have a 12x6 tent and using probably4x6 of it, The lights I have are working but looking and reading and thinking if I’m going to change the lights what and when I found a deal when I looked for the HLG 200 and they aren’t avalible but I saw this package ECO Farm ECOR Samsung LM301H 240W/480W Dimmable Q…. I’m using 5 lights right now they aren’t anything special but If I’m going to up grade direction is needed.

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@Bunger64 Have you researched the hlg 650R? Its a bit pricey but would rock your square footage.


Not familiar but the Samsung diodes and mean well driver are a huge plus!


So your recommendation is the 650R i guess looking at the price and what I have invested already it looks like it would help me out. The girls are doing great in my eyes, but there is always room for improvement. Im using 4 of these

and my center is this light

Okay I guess this is the route to take, there are a lot of choices but I’m not sure so I will go on your recommendation and it will be here Tuesday. Thanks for your input @Jimtroutbum.

This is the question that matters. Lighting indoors should be less about plant counts and more about watts per ft ².

With blurple, Ideally you want around 50 watts per ft ². So in a 2x2 tent, 200w. In a 3x3, 450w.

With newer tech leds, its more like 35w per ft ²


Just seen some sales ads for the hlg scorpion I believe it was $799 while supplies last that’s a pretty sweet deal just my thought


My bad it was 899

Story of my life

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@Jimtroutbum Okay i found a couple of wattage meters to see whats up, my 5 lights are drawing 1000watts when on, 3 on left

2 on the right

I have approximately 24sq ft that Im flowering in. I purchased the HLG650R Like was suggested hopefully that will work just as good if not better.

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