How to tell male seed to fem seed

I herd that you can tell a male seed to a female seed somehow if you know let me know and if there is a way we should let others know on fun facts

Nope, sorry, from looking at a healthy un-germinated seed, no, there is absolutely no reliable way to tell if the adult plant that comes from it will be male or female – just from looking at it closely, nor any sort of test – short of an actual genetic test, that would probably destroy the seed to be able to provide a cellular sample from inside the seed.


Ok thanks I seen it on YouTube dont believe everything you see

About 10 years ago I owned and operated a MJ grow site with a couple of partners called We were active for about 3 years with close to 5000 members when a large grow forum site called (site) got busted selling seeds. My partners got scared so we shut the site down. Anyway… one of my members back then made this same conclusion. Don’t know how accurate the round divet versus flat end argument is but I’ve used this technique over the years (I mainly use clones) with a better than 95% success rate. I can’t say that the flat ended ones are males because I’ve never purposely and knowingly grown one. lol Once I get a good strain I usually clone till I decide to change. Just my 2 cents worth.

Ok thanks I will be sure to try that

Try what? Sorry but the above is just a fairy tale, no truth to it at all.


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People who tend to dismiss things too quickly also tend to miss out on pleasant surprises. I don’t know if the divet versus flat end is true but I’ll be the last one to swear to anything without undeniable proof.

Do all the research you want, you’ll find not one bit of substantiating evidence. Sorry, but people that believe in things without evidence tend to be easily fooled and easily led astray.

And actually, if you think about it, if there were any truth to it, there wouldn’t be a need for “feminized seeds”, and this technique would be used by some seed bank somewhere to sell “true female only” seeds.


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Like I said I don’t know for sure if it’s true. I’ve never tested the theory. I’ve used the practice and have a better than 95% rate of having females over males using the pitted versus flat method. Never tried to grow a actual flat ended seed to see if it was male. Now you can tell me it’s BS and you can tell me there’s no evidence etc etc etc and I can tell you what I think and my actual experineces. Is it “possible” that your chances are better to get a female from a pitted seed over a flat ended seed? Well… Anything is possible. The world is full of surprises. Is it definite? Not in any way. So… you can sit here telling people this won’t work and that won’t work and I will tell them to try it and see…provided they have the resources. Every ones grows and experiences are different and no one mold fits every one. I’m 50 years old. Planted my first MJ plant when I was 23. I like to help others with growing. Loved owning my own site, loved working for 40mag as a grow mod after that. Used to be hard headed and believed that there was only one right way. Learned that I was wrong. I also learned that I have a lot left to learn. Merry Christmas my friend.

We preach the belief that all growers have many choices to make as they experience growing, and there is no complete right, or wrong way; For the most part. Some habits are just bad, and should not be used or promoted by grow mentors. There are also some standards that really should be followed without variance.

As far as the seed sexing by the look or shape of the seed; I don’t buy into that methodology. Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I suspect what you noticed had nothing to do with the seed shape. Just germinating regular seeds properly will increase the chance of females, @latewood can confirm this, and there is plenty of actual factual evidence and a scientific understanding as to why this can be the case when germinating in the proper pH and proper light cycle during early veg, unlike a complete lack of scientific evidence for seed shape being related to seed sex.

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, and happy growing,