How to tell harvest ready?

OTHER THAN TRICOMES! is there a way to judge readiness for harvest??

Pistols color has all turned brown rather than whitish green is one way.
How much she has eaten herself is another.
Overall frosty ness and bulk, smell and sticky.
She stopped drinking much water
The Trichomes are the defining way.
That’s all I know

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I appreciate the idea. I just can’t see the “tops” of the tricomes with current equipment, will overcome with technology but can’t do it now. I’m in the 9th week of flower and they are fat,sticky,stacked up. Still have some white pistels showing and still drinking, most all leaves have gone leaving only sugars. I’ll post a picture as of today. Scared to death I’ll wait to long to too early.ARGGGGGGG!

Harvest when 60-70% of hairs have darkened for highest levels of THC.
(equivalent to all cloudy, no amber)
Harvest when 70-90% of hairs have darkened for a more calming, anti-anxiety effect as some THC turns to the more relaxing CBN.
(equivalent to 70% cloudy, 30% amber)


Thanks. Here are some fresh pictures.

What cha think??? Any input greatly appreciated.


Not yet! 2 more weeks? That’s my guess.


Rat F!!! LOL


They have some time yet. Just watch the pistols.
Fan Leaves may be gone but they still nice and green
Keep feeding her light water and Mclovin

I feel like the Buzzard in the old cartoon… Patients hell I’m gonna kill something!




She’s bulking nicely but you have a lot of white pistils. When they are virtually all brown is when you need to think about the end game. You are bulking up now. Look for it to start throwing some foxtails which is another good indicator.


I’ve heard of foxtailing, don’t know what it is though. Thanks much

That’s the one! At least I’m not the only old one here.

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That’s what a mature flower should look like. Note the small eruptions on the surface that make it lumpy? Foxtails starting.


Good to know about the lumpy parts. I see this (noticed this) on my Autos that are ripe / almost ripe.
Ok I’m done for the day…learned a new thing…lol


This is my other girl. Same age,strain.

You’d never know they were related in any way. LOL


Your not heavy…
Your my (bud) brother…
Old song
Looking nice.yo…yo yo hangin

a fortnight or next full moon or thereabouts, refer to pics.

Yum%20Yum%20! harvesting-pistils-3 akbcmww600000

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The pistols will start curling and shrinking also. I agree you have a couple more weeks. And it’s gonna pack on some more weight! :v::call_me_hand::sunglasses:

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I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is harvesting to early. Your plants are gorgeous and still have plenty of nutrients in them. You want to wait it would be a shame to harvest those beauties to early. I’d flush them out and wait 2 weeks and then I’d wait another 2 weeks lol it’s natural for us to wanna harvest to finally enjoy the fruits of your obvious labor. When your fan leaves are sucked out of nutrients and they are yellow and dead then you know they are using what nutrients they have left inside also you get a much smoother smoke when your plants has used up the nutrients. I wait until by tallest cola feels like it’s already cured on the vine
Great plants I’m jealous. What strain are those?and we’re they clones or from seed if so I’d love the link of where you got them from.
Thanks for sharing

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