How to tell age of clone

I have a gorilla glue clone given to us and it sat and sat not doing anything so 1 day I pulled up on the stem and it lifted up 1 thin thread of root about 1/4 inch long so I planted back into soil. Now it’s 5 weeks or so old, I stopped keeping records on her I thought it was dead, I had it on table in grow room watering every once in a while. A few days ago I saw new growth on it so fixed a little pot to transplant it when I turned it out into my hand she was root bound so I got bigger pot and now she’s doing good. I’m wanting to use my fox farm trio for 1st time on her. How do I know which week of watering schedule she should be on? I have no idea how old it is she’ll be in dirt under 1000 watt led so also how far from light she’s 7 inches tall?

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If you’re using a nutrient schedule, I would start at the beginning and go from there. Give them more later if they need it.

As for the light, maybe start at like 24-36 inches away. It’ll have to be hardened off for that light, so I’d start it far away and inch it closer.

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you judge age/progression of plant by circumference/strength of the stem in combination with all the rest… i dont know about foxfarm but normally plants get same amount of nutrients during all of vegetation. If she looks good, feed it water… now and then give some nutrients. Thats how I would go about it.


it’s 7 inch tall and stem still limber. I guess it will need to be topped soon. As a beginner it’s hard to know where to top clones and I want to train it but side branches aren’t across from each other so how do you spread apart, or would it be better to pull whole main stem and tie to pot when I get it in 5 gal bucket?

Actually the clone is as old as the mother it came from


That’s the problem this clone was given to us and it came from our friend’s dispensary, don’t know age of plant it came from that’s why he gave it to us. Anyway to guess,can I go by when it got roots and got new growth cause we had for about 5 weeks after we got it whoever made it planted before it had roots

you want to check out the plant structure and see where the growth is strongest, strongest stems etc… i tie most of my clones to one side and then bend them according to their natural growth. You cant do much wrong, just try it. It is big and strong enough for topping. I have topped much smaller plants without problem.

Good luck

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Like @HornHead said, it’s as old as its mother. That’s all you need to know really. If the mom was developed enough to provide clones and you’ve had it for 5 weeks, it’s a mature plant regardless of size provided its rooted.


I’m transplanting to 5 gal bucket so I can top and start training her tomorrow, thank you. I’m also going to start her on the Fox Farm feeding schedule hoping to improve over last grow.