How to take cbd oil for brain cancer



For the cbd oil to hit the disease around the brain, what would be the best way to take it?

So just want to double check how to get the best out of this treatment to target the brain area.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.



Maybe vaporizing or edibles I would think but have you try any research on this matter yet ?



Yes have looked. Theres lots of information but as time is critical. Wanted some definite answers.

Have looked at cbd oil mixed with coco nut oil to make suppositories and also oil being placed under tongue or injected into capsules and swallowed. Making cakes and other foods isnt an option at the moment.

Any ideas? What method works best for oil to target brain.



Before I make any more suggestions let me look into it more and I’ll let you know .


@drfeelgood1 , follow this link



From my memory, without doing the deep researching that I’m sure you’re doing on Google. The best way to completely absorb the medicinal benefits of any compounds, is through digestion.


You will get most complete absorption from oral digestion of anything, other that IV.


I fear you are feeling desperate from posts. If I can help any other way I will gladly try, just did a quick read back on posts.


Thanks for your help with the information.

I cant stop crying. But am trying to be strong in front of my friend.


Would you like to talk to me? I don’t have all your answers. But I would try and help?


O will send you my number or email if you’d like


You are ALIVE! and you are FIGHTING!


O flagged your post because it just became so clear why there should be a PM on this forum. It was removed to stop advertising other seed vendors, but if it costs one life, that’s just too !@#$ed up for me to deal with


Here is fine. But email is also good.
I am ok. But my friend is the one whose poorly.

They are starting radiotherapy on Monday.

And hopefully my alcohol will arrive by Tuesday to do some cbd rso oil. Then can give it to friend to try and help.

Still makes no sense why this useful plant is banned here in the uk. Crazy.


If I were you, I’d look into RSO, Rick Simpson Oil.
You can make it yourself at home, right now if you have the supplies. Just need some weed, or trim from plants, a container, a strainer, and some 91% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). You can use any alcohol that is extremely strong, or high in alcohol %


You can also use as I do a rice steamer. I’ll see if I can find the link for ya its very simple.

Here I found it. Just follow this link.

Wish you the best my friend anytyhing anything you just ask OK



Don’t share emails here guys please and Thank you it’s for your benefits


Great link Will! For real, that’s a link I’ll save as a bookmark and be able to look at whenever need be.

Thank you for sharing @garrigan62!


Thanks Ktreez420

I use that to make my oil. I just took some and lost 41/2 days. No pain what’s so ever sleeper like a baby…:expressionless:
Yes please book mark that great stuff. He also has a write up on it that’s how I started on it. I was so taken by what he had come up with and it helped me through some bad days going through keymo and double dose of radiation.
@drfeelgood1 ready needs to take a look I hope he or she dose.



@drfeelgood1. And @ktreez420. And anyone else who needs this oil please follow this link. IT’ THE REAL DEAL !