How to swap kief for bud in a recipe?

Hi all. I have been trying to make gummy bears but the recipe asks for 2 grams of keif, I do not have enough and wondering if I can exchange to using bud? If so how would I convert 2g keif to the same strength as bud? Hope it makes sense.
Thanks in advance.

PS: Unless someone has a recipe they would like to share using bud.

You’ll need about 2x-3x the weight in buds.


Thank you.

Hopefully that quoted correctly and gave credit where credit was due. @blackthumbbetty

I have found this very helpful. Can be used to “convert” between bud, kief and trim quantities as well as get an estimated THC content.


I never saw a gummy bears recipe with keif can you post yours i will post mine

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Marijuana Gummy Bears
Cannabis oil – 2 Oz.
Large box of jelly cubes of any flavor
6 packets of unflavored gelatin
½ cup of cold water Gummy molds Various food coloring
Mix all of the jelly cubes, coloring, packets of gelatin and water in a small saucepan. Mix the ingredients until they reach a dough-like consistency.
Place the saucepan on medium heat, and continue to stir until the mixture melts back into a liquid consistency.
Add in cannabis oil and mix. Pour the mixture into a jug. Pour the mixture into the candy molds. Place the molds in the freezer for 15-20 minutes; this will set the cannabis gummy bears ready to be removed from the molds.
Take the mold out from the freezer, and carefully remove the gummy bears. To make them in different colors, mix each color separately, pour each color in a different mold.

Cannabis oil

Equipment needed:
● Fine Sieve ● Crock-pot/Slow Cooker ● Wooden Spatula ● Heat-proof Lidded Container ● Spoon Ingredients: ● 1 cup of finely ground marijuana ● 1 cup of vegetable oil
Procedure: 1. Incorporate your ground plant into the vegetable oil using the crock-pot. Place it on a low temperature for around five hours, checking and stirring it all through every so often to make sure it is cooking evenly.
*The mixture should always stay at a temperature below 240 degrees Fahrenheit. If there is occasional fear of burning, add a quarter cup of water every two hours. After watching the director’s cut of a single Lord of the Rings film– or after five hours– your oil should be good to go. Turn off the crock-pot, strain the cannaoil, and place in the refrigerator for four months, at most.


Thanks. I will be trying that :slight_smile:

Kief Gummy Bears

pkt flavoured jelly
1 tsp veg glycerin
1 0z plain gelatin powder
1 cup cold water
2 grams kief

Decarb kief at 275f for 10 - 15min. (cover)
Once cooled add tsp glycerin to the keif and mix very well
Now mix up the jelly, gelatin and water over low heat.
now mix in the kief mix and keep stirring until all mixed and not grainy and the kief is melted and not seen.
pour into jelly molds and pop in the fridge.
Once cooled remove from molds and put in airtight container, dusting with a bit of cornflour or icing sugar to stop sticking.


Thanks for posting that have you done this recipe it doesn’t seem like 2 grams of keif would be potent enough for a bunch of gummy bears

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Nah, I do not have even 1/4 amount of that much kief. :frowning: Lucky to have a 1/4tsp!

I thought it would be a lot considering kief is more potent then bud.

I wonder if there is a subistute chart some where. That would be very helpful to cook the big three to have on hand is canna butter, canna coconut oil, and tincture but hell i have a hard time keeping all three on hand. There’s so many different recipe to and a good amount of them are not to good

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I have only just started growing and eating them. Just made a batch of brownies. I loved them and struggled to only eat a few. 2 small inch squares and I was done!

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Kief is about 2x-3x as strong as bud.

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Using the @blackthumbbetty concentrations I made notes of a while back… here are equivalents for a recipe containing 5 grams of bud. Multiply as needed for higher amounts.

5 grams bud
2 grams kief
21.5 grams sugar leaf trim
75 grams fan leaves and stems