How to store your clippings?

Just a quick question. I have been saving all of the leaves that I have been pruning off until I trim the final buds and I save them as well to make hash. My question is "How long can you store them in the refrigerator for? I have them in quart baggies that I have sucked all the air our of. Thank for any advise.

I always froze my trim fresh from the start. and shake later with dry ice.
I would think that just in the fridge it would wilt pretty quick.
Maybe a few days ?



Thanks for the advice. Strangely enough it hasn’t wilted at all. But I did transfer them to the freezer. How much dry ice do you use? I wouldn’t think it would matter if I were making bubble hash, right?

That’s right. Doing bubble it’s just regular ice.
As to the amount of dry ice to get if you decide to give it a try sometime ,
that depends on how much trim you have to shake.


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If they’re just leaves that I prune while the plant is growing; I just bury them in the compost pit. If it’s actual trim; I just use a trim bin to collect the kief and then toss the remnants into the compost.


I use vacuum seal bags for my trim. I used to just use gallon freezer bags but all my frozen food smelled like weed and cardboard. Whole chest freezer had a weed funk.

When I start to get too much trim in the freezer its time to fire up the oven, open the windows, and decarb for RSO.

If these are fan leaves they have nothing to shake. Throw away.
If doing dry ice hash freezing in my opinion makes it hard to shake. I dry and trim my bud trimmings keep in mason jars till ready to do a run. Then it is about a pound of dry ice to a half gallon jar approximately.
Hope that helps its just what i do.

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