How to store kief

I’ve started using my Trim Bin recently, and a bit of kief is starting to collect underneath.
So… what do people store their kief in?
Should that storage container then be kept in a refrigerator?

This is the Trim Bin, for those that are not familiar:

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Fridge. Freezer. Same place as you store flower. All are acceptable.


I use a Glad bowl: one of those 4 ounce square ones. It will hold about 30 grams which lasts for a while. Refrigerator is my go-to.


I store all mine in blunts


Ewww blunts. You must not like to taste your weed lol

You would have 30 grams of keif in your fridge lmao

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Don’t hate me because I currently have FIVE POUNDS of flower in the house haha! I need to distribute that out to some worthy folks on my list: my brother is coming down to relieve me of some Crystal for his pain and PTSD.


More envious because I know the quality of the keif you produce!!!

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