How to stop caterpillars from eating my plants

Question from a fellow grower!

I am having problems with caterpillars eating flowers I have been picking them out one by one is there any better method to get rid of them thanks

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug. Get the concentrate. Spray them down for a few days. Wait a few days and do it again…


Has anybody used capn jacks caterpillar killer or is it not ok for flowering plants

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They wiped out a few of my plants last year.
Bacillus thuringiensis. B.T. spray.
Know a couple other people that had same problem.
I have been using at 150% strength once a week.
No problems so far.

Safer Caterpillar is also a biological B.T. Kurstaki.
Cpt Jacks Is Spinosad
Mosquito bits is BTI is Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis

All safe for day of harvest.


Woke up this morning and walked out to check on the ladies and what do I see?
Buds missing and or half eaten.
Upon closer inspection I found and picked 2 caterpillars from my big Granddaddy Purple.
I quickly went over the rest of the plants - who have all started to surge vigorously in development and didn’t find any more.
I’m sure they or their babies are lurking around though so I’m off to find some Safers Caterpillar spray.
Guess I’ll be doing some bud washing reading soon too.

My question is - Can I just cut out the affected nugs and leave the rest of the branch going or should I just take everything above the damaged area?

I’m about to get medieval on some little green bastards though!! :no_entry_sign: :bug:

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Love the Smell of Biological Weapons in the Morning. Moan Labe - Spartannnnnns!

Mix all three and combine in a small pump sprayer and hit them for a few days in a row.