How to start plants from seed? Lights?


Hi everybody! I am very happy to be part of this helpful community. I started growing because of my 8y old son brain tumor. We are heading for proton therapy but once we are done, I’ve got a recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor in the US to start giving him cannabis oil. That’s why I am starting growing it on my own, because I can control better the final product and knowing the exact proportion from cbd and thc which is needed.
I have bought seeds from Candida (cbd rich) and LSD (thc rich). Do you think I should start them under bestva 1200w led 18/6 or under Philips cfl 6500k 25w?

I’ve read somewhere that philips is better for the start to avoid stretching and one lamp is enough for one plant upto 6-8 inches with distance 6 inches. I am starting 3 candida and 3 lsd, so I will buy 6 philips? Please help under philips what should be the light schedule? Again 18/6 or 24/0? So when the grow 6-8 inches under philips Can I move them under my growing led lights? I have 2 bestva 1200w and 1 viperspectra 300w and turn them in 18/6?
Any help will be highly appreciated as I am new, but fast learning. I hope in a few months to start contributing also here after gaining some experience! God bless you all!


You want around 3500k to start. Then for veg go up to a brighter light. 5000 or 6500 then back to a 3500 or 2700k for bloom. Led work better but if that’s what you have then… but I’m a noob so double check


Just a thought but for that price your going to spend on 6 bulbs at that price you could get a 300 w led panel that would do a better job
This is a picture of a few lights you can get
You’ll need more power for flower anyway
My other thought is t-5 fixers are inexpensive as well depending on how big of it be you buy

Just a couple thought off the top of my head @Mashina
Wish you the best of luck with your sons condition
If I can assist you in any don’t hesitate to tag me just put @ symbol in front on my screen name like I did to yours
@Hogmaster @bob31 @Niala @BIGE and many other are also always willing to help They are just a few of many wonder folks you’ll make friends with here hope this help you out a bit
@suctionmed is on point with color spectrum


Shoot just saw that you continued on under the picture you could definitely put them under the 300 viper


@Countryboyjvd1971 Hey, thank you for the great feedback! So you think I don’t have to use cfl’s and just put the seedlings under the viperspectra 300w and they should do just fine without stretching? Will do/. I saw some people putting the seedlings under philips cfls for the first 1-2 weeks and was wondering if this is not the best way to start the plants. Do you think I can manage to veg and flower 6 plants under 2 bestva 1200w + 1 300w viperspectra? Will this be enough? The bestva 10w double chip is drawing only 270w from the wall. I tested it with a power meter.


@suctionmed So you think my lights sucks? As I am very new in this, it is possible I didn’t make the right choice but I do have quite some watts leds. I can afford a good manufacturer but don’t know which one is the best price/quality?


@Mashina NO They DONT suck. Led will be more efficient. You will see better results. I plan on using both CFL and led myself. CFL to start then jump to led.


That is a great light on it’s own to start seedlings all the way through veg. You will want more light and in more red spectrum during flower. 18" to 24" above your sprouts should be fine. Those compact cfl’s will add a miniscule amount of beneficial light for the effort and expense IMO.

The light you have should be plenty for 2 or 3 plants.


Hi, @Mashina, I have to agree with the others here about the LED lights. I have 4 plants growing and have two 600 watt LED’s. I got them too close at first and burned a couple of my plants slightly. Fortunately I saw it right away and moved them up to about 18 inches. I am a newbie, on my first grow so I am no expert but wanted to relate to you what I have done. Up to you of course and definately double check anything I say. :rofl:

Here is the lamp types I have,

NOthing special but they do the job. I plan on adding another once the one set of plants, OG Kush, get bigger as I will put them on a shelf seperate from the scrog setup I will be adding for the other two girls.
The OGK’s are real bushy types so will work well elevated obove my scrog.

Are you going to paper towel your seeds to start them, then pot them? Its considered one of the better ways to start your seed. If you havent read about it, you put your seed inbetween folds of a wet paper towel, then set them in a dark spot, keeping the towel very damp so they will sprout. I added half and half water and 0.5 percent peroxide. The peroxide helps get rid of any bugs and helps give the seeds oxygen. Then once they have sprouted legs, you carefully put them in your starting pot. Check it out here on the site.

So good luck on your grow. MJ is able to help alot of human conditions. I hope that your son does good with it. And you. You are under alot of stress and MJ is good for relieving stress.
Good luck and hope to see more of you here…
This is a photo of my best lady. She is a Gold Leaf and is just starting her third week of veg in this photo. Its a plant that is great for medical uses. High in CBD as well as thc. Thats why I am growing her. I suffer from chronic pain and stress. Its good for both. Its a plant that was developed by Richard here on this site. Check it out.

Sorry about the red. I plan to turn the lights out on all my other photos. Pain trying to see things


I would do that @Mashina and just place it high maybe 36 inches since it doesn’t need much in the beginning watch the seedling for streaching if it starts to streach a lot bring light closer I start mine under 300 watt leds all the time :+1: not same brand but close enough lol