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I live in America, in probably the most conservative state there is. I absolutely love this area and everything the land has to offer, however marijuana is illegal. I’m finding myself becoming overwhelmed by how angry this makes me that something that grows out of the ground is illegal. People who brew wine and beer as a career tend to be respected while someone growing marijuana is fround upon. There are not many things in life that I have found interest in, and growing marijuana is something I know I want to do for the rest of my life. So that being said, I’d like to start getting into being a part of the movement to end prohibition. I know that it’s a shot in the dark and may not make a dent but I feel the need to at least say I made an attempt. Does anyone know where to start? I’d love to find people with similar wants, maybe to brainstorm and work together on this.

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Wish I knew where to start.

Im still afraid petitioning or protesting might draw attention to me…

Im still trying to fly under the radar


Me too, don’t need any attention.


Trump had already said he would support bipartisan bill to end federal prohibition and send power of legality to the states. This would mean no losing gun rights over choice to use marijuana.

The Dems are too busy trying to dig for nonexistent dirt on Trump to allow this to move forward.


Oh boy, Trump and Democrats can be a touchy subject.
States are taking the steps necessary to legalize it without the Federal Govt.

Vermont legalized through legislation with strong voter approval. I bet if you looked hard enough you will find the grassroots efforts already in progress in your state.

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Im a Republican…

Until my state is legal, I don’t care what is said by whomever is in charge…

Be safe


Agreed, but my state is not a state of Dems trying to dig dirt in him

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I’m pretty nervous about the attention as well. The state I live probably won’t legalize it if it’s up to the states. Does anyone know if there’s a good website or place to get updated information that’s not biased on particular states? Lol does the fact that a plant being illegal boil anyone else’s blood??? Everyone should have the right to self medicate without putting themselves and their families at risk.


And tbh I don’t have much faith in out government in this situation, these plants should be treated exactly the same as my tomato’s. I’m probably just grumpy and out of weed guys lol

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Check if there’s a local NORML office near you.


It is not truly legal until it is off the Fed Ban list.


True. But could you imagine how much effort it would take to enforce it. As more and more states make it legal it gets harder and harder for to feds to stop it.

Let’s be real. The feds see how much tax revenue the legal states are making. It won’t be too long before they want their piece of the pie.


Not hard at all if feds got out of the way. As much as I hate taxes, I would gladly pay a 100.00 yearly tax to grow my own medicine.

You have to realize how many laws are directly affected by the Federal Marijuana ban…jobs, gun rights, parental rights.

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In Georgia, the “newest” medical marijuana law allows for 10 legal growers for CBD oil, but you have to have 500k in liquid income. Who really has that kind of money, Big Pharma and greasy politicians.

I absolutely agree that the system is effed up when you get life in prison for a plant but 10 years for diddling kids :rage:.


I live in a very silimar state in America also. I’m betting we r from the same area lol.


I feel the same man, I can tell you that in another life I was in law enforcement. I was the typical marijuana is bad after being fed the stereotype for years. Then I got really hurt when I was in the army and long story short ended up getting medical marijuana. The amount it has changed my life for the better I could never explain. I tell people all the doing man was I fucking wrong.

It’ll get there, people just need time. Most don’t know any better because they’ve been spoon fed their whole life


22 years I was “drug” free. A fall off a Navy Jet during Operation Enduring Freedom onto concrete deck on my back changed it all. I was on all kinds of meds that did nothing but give me ulcers and turn me into a walking dead man. My wife talked to our neighbors (major pot heads) and FINALLY talked me into trying.


Holy hell in a hand basket…my saltwater fish were swimming by almost a full minute of their original movement, followed by multi colored trails. I remember getting paranoid and thinking my wife was going to die because she couldn’t stop laughing at my reaction and I thought she was hyper-ventilating.

But the biggest take away, I was no longer focusing on the pain. I could move, I could dance, I could bend over and the my shoes. After that, I was more careful of how much I consumed and shortly thereafter, I was off all my meds and I could pick my kids up, I could dance with my wife, I… was … me, a father and husband, not a zombie ambling through life.

Fast forward 20+ years, still fighting VA for benefits and having to pay for DR expenses without being able to work because, come on, who hires without a piss test unless it’s manual labor? We own our own business but my wife work her ass of because I can’t.

Marijuana makes me, me.

Last time I took Tramadol on the advice of My back Dr, I had very vivid and lucid thoughts of killing my wife, daughter and self. I pictured it all very precisely, very scary real. I became very mean and hostile towards my family for no reason, thankfully I have a very strong wife that helped me through that experience, not many would have been that strong.

I refuse to use Opioids because at times, the pain is bad enough for me to say, mah…one more pill won’t hurt when the pain level is a 20 out of 10. Sadly, one more pill could kill me, rob my family of a long life with me. On the other hand, one more toke or puff only results in a good night’s sleep.

My wife sees and first hand experiences the benefits of marijuana…

My state doesn’t see it that way and until it is Federally legalized, I will ask forgiveness before I beg permission.


The other states don’t even see this. Some very very liberal states at that. The feds are already getting their piece of the pie too. They’re likely trying to figure how to get the whole thing.


That whole issue isn’t and shouldn’t be political but Constitutional.

The Declaration specifically mentions three rights which human beings possess by birth or by nature-life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No one may rightfully deny us these things. Nor, since they are “unalienable,” may we rightfully surrender them.

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VT missed the boat on recreational cannabis. 2-3 years ago recreational marijuana would’ve brought in ridiculous amounts of tax $$. Now, with most states around us, and Canada fully legal, we’re behind the times. Only NH is worse than us.

But at least we can grow our own… in small amounts.

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