How to Squirrel-proof Your Potted Plant (high-res chocolope bud pics included)!

Squirrel problem? I’ve got a fix for your potted plants…

This is my Chocolope plant, named Arielle (you may have seen her sister, Shoshanna, in another one of my threads. My plants all get jappy Jewish names, since they’re high-maintenance as hell and I constantly have to spend money on them… and daddy’s Jewish too, so it’s meets PC standards), that is nearing harvest. Just starting to get some amber trichromes, but thinking I’ll wait just a touch longer to get closer to the 10% mark, especially since so many of the pistils are still white (I know, I know… trichromes are more sensitive, but still).

Anyway, I was having issues with this pesky little ***hole of a squirrell digging up her most superficial roots and tearing them out. First I tried just using bamboo skewers in my aeropot with some organic spray pest repellant, but it some how finagled its way in again and got to a corner of the dirt, so then I had to pull out the fishing line…

Take that, you squirrel **cks!

No squirrel mischief since implementing this novel SDS (squirrel defense system), and rumor in the brush is that I’m known as “Vlad the Impaler” in the squirrel community.

Otherwise, Arielle is looking super healthy, with massive buds. Actively trying to resist the temptation to harvest and wait till the right time. More pics below! You guys agree I should wait a bit longer, right?


Very interesting method. I’ve never seen that before.

Happy growing :slight_smile:

Very innovative, I like it! You’re good at story telling too lol, I was cracking up after reading about Vlad! Your girl looks incredible too dude, great job! I would wait another week to harvest.

Great looking weed man, It looks like its about 90% opaque. So its gonna look even better in about a week. And after that you have about 7 days of peak harvest time. Just my opinion.

You did very well.
I wish I could finish outside.

Wow great grow my friend, I"ll be growing that next spring outdoors cant wait.

hey ktreez, hows your outdoor grow doin ?

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Squirrel proofing at Moms house Garden

Vald is my favorite man in history. Missing a squirrel head a a steak.


You really do have a beautiful plant.

I’ll show you tomorrow @FyshhTrap in my Mother Nature thread

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That ain’t a squirrel son.

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Dammitt, too late now


Looks like a chipmunk. I’ve only seen one chipmunk and 59,000,000 squirrels in my life

Yes, it tis a chipper, my mothers neighborhood was taken over by them this summer, this is one of 11 I shot on her property.I upgrade the gun a bit, it now has a shoulder stock and a $ 180.00 scope on it !!


Me: that’s a chipmunk
Everybody : :unamused::roll_eyes:duh

Captain obvious back again


Harvested a week after my initial post, dried for 7-9 days, and am curing in mason jars.
Final dry yield = 6.6 oz
Smokes like a dream… Squirrels ain’t got shit on me!