How to speed up this auto?!?

Hey guys I need some help! How can I speed this sour d auto up? A lot of the pistols are still white and sticking straight up, but this thing is in week 15! It had a lot of trouble the first month cause I had it in shitty soil, so that’s why she’s so small. Anyways any suggestions would help. I’m thinking about cutting her down the end of this week cause I got some new seeds ready to try :rofl:

@kellydanswhat do you think?

do you have a photo you can upload?
And you have time to start seeds before you chop. It will be several weeks before new plants are big enough to crowd out an older one.

Ok I might try that. Do you think I would have any issues with light distance? I just put up pictures I forgot to post them

This is foxtailing…

Usually from heat stress or lights too close.
As long as its foxtailing there will be new white pistils.
How do the trichomes look on the older growth?
Sometimes you just harvest anyway. They are prone to herm under stress,

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Ok yea that pic was from one I cut down already. Here are the pics from plant in this post. Sorry for confusion.

On the lower nodes there are some amber trichomes

And they are auto feminized, are they still able to hermie ?

this looks better.
If I didnt now the age I would guess about 4 more weeks.
Sometimes they are just slow.
Any plant can herm with enough stress. Some are more resistant to it.
I have had a few do it, no big deal as it was very late in the grow.
I would go ahead and start my next crop and wait on this. If its ready once you run out of room great.
If not and its still throwing white pistils just chop it and move on. I had one that never really stopped and matured. It smoked just fine.

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