How to speed up the entire process?

Hey everyone, I’m very new to growing cannabis and I’m currently in the process of my first grow. My plant is about 15 days old now and I was curious as to how it’s possible to speed up the entire process of vegetation and flowering. I go back to my university in about 6.5 weeks and I would like to have my plant harvested and ready to smoke right before I go back. This is for personal use and I wouldn’t mind if the quality went down a bit because of the rushing. Is there any nute I can use or anything I can do to begin the flowering process ASAP? The strain I am growing is Girl Scout Cookies! Thank you!

There really isn’t anything out there that can speed up the process. Girl Scout cookies is listed as an average flower time of 70 days so even if you switched over your light cycle now chances are it won’t be ready in time.
Even though you aren’t worried about quality I just don’t see you being able to have it harvested that early and get any sort of quantity out of it.
I would suggest your next grow maybe trying an autoflower strain which will finish faster for you.


Is it an autoflower or a photo plant?

If it’s an auto then there is nothing you can do to speed it up because they flower based on time and not light.

If it’s a photo then you can do a shorter Veg time and then switch your lights to 12/12 and that will trigger the flowering stage. Keep in mind that there is a 2 week transition from Veg to flowering. You can Veg as long or as little as you like, but your yield will certainly be reduced if Veg is cut short.

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Believe it or not, I got the seed from cannabis I was personally consuming. I pulled it out of the nug and it looked very well so I began the germination process and it showed potential in growing. I then began to start growing it and it looks fantastic so far. I have a really nice set up and plan to grow a lot more in the future. I currently do a 18/6 cycle. How long do you recommend I veg for if I want the plant harvested in time for my leave for school? I hate that I have to try cutting it short, but trust me, quality of bud really does matter to me and I will make sure not to rush the process on my next grow. @Ray4x

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Yeah like @Jmesser80 said. The total time for it to be complete is about 70 days. So depending on when you started it, would be 10 weeks total. I’m not sure how long of that is the flowering stage alone. I’m assuming the least you could Veg the plant to still get decent buds would 2-3, then 2 weeks for transition, and 5-6 weeks for flowering.

P.s. The seedling stage is first- true Veg stage is when there is 4-5 alternating nodes.

I’m still new myself so maybe we can get some experts to weigh in.

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Thank you for the advice, I look forward to hearing what everyone else’s input is! @Ray4x

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I would veg for no less than 6 weeks than a total of 2 towards transition so that would move up to 8 weeks and for flowering Atleast another 8-10 weeks depending on the strain mailing total time 16 - 18 weeks



So the long of the short of it… could be tough to get them done before you leave.

Would CO2 be a good way to speed up the entire process possibly? @Majiktoker @Ray4x @Jmesser80 @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster

no clue, never used it @Dr.DankThumb420

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Dont use Co2 sorry

I’ve never used Co2 before so I’m not sure if that would effect the time it takes or not.

Also never used it

CO2 is really only helpful if you’re growing a lot of plants and it usually just makes your plants more bigger and robust , because it helps them utilize the nutrients and the water faster … but I don’t think that it necessarily speeds things up , because every time I’ve used it , I’ve always had the same flower times as if I hadn’t used it … but you can definitely tell when you are using it and most people only use it in veg and early flower …after that point I don’t see any reason to use it… :wink:

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Short of a time machine there isn’t any way to cut it shorter by a lot. Malik is right about the time frames. At 15 days you still have 4-6 weeks to veg then the stretch and then flower.

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Havent used it yet