How to solve the leaves problem?

I took 3 pictures. In these pictures, the new leaves attach with buds are wilt and soft. I checked the information at Google, a lot of people said it is windburn, but I did not use a fan, and my weeds are growing indoors.
Could anybody help to solve this leaf problem?
Thank you.

@ForrestLeo Nitrogen toxicity. What kind of soil and what kind of nutrients are you feeding?
If it’s miracle grow soil, there’s nothing you can do except learn from this.
If it’s Not miracle grow soil, and it doesn’t have time release fertilizer you should do a flush with 6.2-6.5 PH’d water.


Hey, friend. I grow my weeds with fox farm soil. When the weeds were going into the bloom stage, I have to use FloarNova bloom fertilizer. I did some research about leaves problems. At last week, I replace FloarNova to Earth Juice with 0 nitrogen. But the symptom is still there. And I use rainwater.
May I ask what I am going to solve the problem?
Thank you very much

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Like stated you have N(itrogen) toxicity. A flush using a commercial flushing agent like Sledgehammer or Flora Kleen will help but you need to watch the runoff TDS to see it come into range for your plant. You are likely well over 2,000 ppm and it would be better if you got the soil numbers down around 1,000 if possible.

A change in PH can make a difference too depending on where you are targeting it.

If you don’t address it now there will be numerous problems soon with nutrient lockouts. Best to jump on it hard and get it dealt with now.

Rule of Thumb with FFOF: no nutes until the plant asks for em.


The oilycann is just a cal/mag supplement with no nitrogen. It’s not a bloom nutrient.


I agree looks like nitrogen Toxicity. Some ph numbers and a TDS reading would help. As stated I would start a flush asap.


Thank you so much. After reading your post, I am sure I just have bare knowledge about growing.

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Thank you very much. May I ask what is the best blooming nutrient with low nitrogen. I purchase the oilycann due to I don’t have more choice.

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Thank you very much. My TDS meter shows 50 in the mixed water. Of cause, my TDS meter is really cheap. lol.

Since you have access to earth juice, their “bloom” has no nitrogen.
Follow the directions.

But what does your meter show at runoff?

First I want to Welcome you to ILGM and to our community and as you can see help is just a click away.

Ok first things first This could be one of three things

1.) Yes it could be NITROGEN TOXICITY


ILGM Support Ticket:

What is the strain?

Indoor or Outdoor? If outdoor, planted in ground or in a container?

Size of space?

Soil or Hydro? Type of Medium used?

pH? Of the soil or medium (root zone) and of the water that is fed to the plant?

Type of nutrients used? NPK? EC/PPM levels?

Temperature? Day vs. night temp or highest and lowest temps? Root zone temps?

Humidity %?

Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR?


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Do you have a ph meter to usually when my tds is off so is my ph.
This is why i don’t use ffof soil anymore everything goes great till flower i had the same problem and drove me crazy i flushed twice and then feed at a quarter strength of my nutrients because i keept getting that and everything has nitrogen in it seems like.
I Got good results with sledgehammer in distilled water for flushing. Now you will have to be able to read your plant so your yeild won’t go down. Less is more for nutrients and remember those numbers on the bottle are the minimum guarantee of what is in there. Lots of bottled nutrients tested having 12 to 18% nitrogen but says 5% on the bottle same thing with the other nutrients. Hope this helps you

What it’s your temps and air circulation like out of curiosity?

Basically, I don’t know I just read the guide about how to measure soil TDS and PH, I am doing the process. The guide said need wait the soil sinking about 24 hours.

Strain: White widow Autoflower.
Indoor growing.
5 gallon Fabric pot(10"x12")
Soil. Fox farm soil.
pH, water pH used was 6.0 - 6.5. Soil pH is measuring.
Fertilizer: HydroNova.
Temperature:70 - 80
Humidity: 40 - 70
Light: LED 600W
Watering: Almost the same time with the light on, 700mL, every day after into 4th Week.
Today is 12 week to grow the weeds, but the weeds are not mature.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.
You are right. FFOF soil was very good for weeds in Veg stage, but when they went into Bloom stage, there were a lot of problem, also, I made a lot of mistakes.

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These are much more reliable than soil testers and you don’t have the wait.

PH Meters

I’m a first time grower and my advice would be to lay off that gh bloom if you are using FFOF because it will hurt your plants progress with nute burn. Personally I never ph my water I just let the soul work for 4wks and then use bud candy and big bud from AN and my girls are thriving and look good so far

I am personally a fan of the pH testers. They’re very accurate you take a sample of soil from close to the zone and let it dry out for a day so that the sample is more accurate. Then you add the pH capsule to the soil at the fill line in the tester add the type of water that you’re using for watering to the fill line Shake It Up vigorously and wait for about 5 minutes. The results should be in soil between 6 and 7. Just my opinion but the pH testers have always works really well for me. Try rapitest soil test kit from Luster Leaf on Amazon