How to slow the flowering stage

A question from a fellow grower: Just wondering if you have any information on how to prevent the flowering stage from starting and push the plants longer. So, how can I slow the flowing stage and keep an outdoor garden in vegetation stage for as long as possible?
Trying to get them bigger before going to head.

Supplemental light. Depending on what part of the world the plants are in may be a little late for that though.

What most people will do is start their plants indoors ahead of the natural growing season. This allows for a well developed plant to be moved outside at beginning of natural growing season. Therefore much larger when the plant begins to naturally produce flowers.


Flowering will be delayed as long as the light schedule is long hours. natural or artificial.

Grab yourself an extension cord with a bunch of grow lights. Put em beside the plant and set a timer. 18/6 or whatever is vegetation. This may revert them. What triggers flowering in photo plants is the shortening of the day cycle and available sunlight hours.

why would you want to do that? if its outdoors it will do its thing in sept or Oct when the days are shorter… just saying let them grow.