How to set up pot for pot

In the directions 1and 2 Is mixing soil and 3 is doing the seedling my question is do I mix soil and let it set until seedling is ready to plant


Hi Ken! This is a great question. Yes, we recommend setting up your pot at the same time as germinating your seed. This allows your top soil mixture and soil to ‘season’ which basically just means that you are giving the beneficial bacteria time to work and create the most hospitable environment for your soon-to-be seedling. This settling of the soil also allows air pockets to work themselves out so that your plant’s roots are happy. Plus, sometimes transplanting can sneak up on you and it’s really better to be prepared. :four_leaf_clover:


Welcome to the community !

Welcome! I got my first apotforpot for growing at the beginning of the quarantine and its going great. The community here on the forum is invaluable for resources. Good luck and post photos!

What is the correct size needed for potforpot, i normally put straight into the ground, but im doing a couple of autos in pots., so they don’t take up ground space of the photos.

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This is my first year growing indoors. I put my ladies in 5 gallon pails. About 1 in of small stone covering the bottom. Topped off with some good organic soil. Worked out very well! Hope this helps.

Different size kits grow different size plants. Much like a goldfish in either a fishbowl or an aquarium or an ocean, you will grow a different size plant from the Mini Complete Pot Grow Kit (1/2 Gallon) to the Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit (5 gallon) or the Large Complete Pot Grow Kit (35 gallon). The bigger pot, the bigger plant (and the more pot). :four_leaf_clover: :green_heart: :evergreen_tree: