How to ripen ,flush and harvest in DWC with Blue dream


How should I begin to flush while staying ripe in DWC


I’m not a hydro grower but most people just use plain ph water no nutrients last 2 weeks of flower


First, get yourself a flushing agent to flush her out. I use flawless finish from advanced nutrients and I leave it in for about three days. For me it’s important that before adding flawless finish, I rinse my bucket out real good to get anything that has built up in the bucket. Measure the tds to make sure it’s a low as you can get it. Take a reading before you start so you know we’re it’s at and how much you drop it. Then drain it and just use plain water after that(you can ph it if you want) and then basically wait and watch the trichomes and all the signs of her eating up the nutrients, mainly in the fan leaves. Then when the buds are ready I put the plant in complete darkness for 24-48 hrs, then chop, wash and hang. This is how I do it and my buds taste excellent and have a smooth smoke. In DWC/Hydro it can be flushed out in just a couple days. Hope this helps. :v: @Bloombeast

Hydroponic flushing

Thanks all


The flush on a DWC starts 4 weeks before you cut the plant down Most feeding charts start taking out different nutes till the last week then just water


I’m so scared of washing even though I see it done I’m just scared of messing up the tricombes because even the smallest touch can bust a tricombes atleast that’s what I’ve read. So since I’m in hydro I was thinking of cleaning bucket which I’ve done and then I added spring water with 5ml a gallon of flawless finish instead of 10mls and I did this 2 days ago I only have maybe 10mls left and 3 plants in 3 n half gallons buckets but only give em a gallon after week 4 of flower sop I was thinking of adding the 10 mls of flawless finish to the 5 gallons of spring water and just feed em that unroll they have drank it all up I have one plant that’s done now but can’t give it 24-48 hrs of darkness because the other one is a couple of days behind or do you think I should just do it anyways a cut em both and what difference has it made for you to give 48 hrs darkness? Also do you ever chop the top and leave the bottom so the lower part can cook more? Thanks bro


Hey sorry it took so long to respond, busy day. When I harvest I take down the whole plant. Of course you could chop the top colas and then let the rest of the plant finish that should be no problem, just might take a while. If you have a plant that’s behind don’t sell yourself short and let it finish. Harvesting to early will not be worth it trust me. Plus you don’t want to waste all the time, money and energy you put into these plants! :laughing: I would rather be almost to late to harvest then to early. The 24-48hrs of darkness is supposed to create stress on the plant. Which in return floods them with goodies(trichome production). Its a last ditch effort by the plant to finish and survive. I also heard keeping them in the dark will stop the plant from bringing any remaining nutrients up into the plant. After three days I empty out the res no matter what and just add distilled water which has 0ppm. She doesn’t need to drink all the water the flawless finish is in I don’t think, it just has to run its course through the plant. Flawless finish isn’t supposed to starve her either so after the plant gets in regular water she should get quite yellow like this picture.(more or less depending on how many days in plain water)

I won’t smoke buds that weren’t washed :laughing: I’ve checked the trichomes after washing and they are all still there and frosty as ever and also THC isn’t water soluble. If yoo lost any trichomes washing then they were probably already dead or weak and wouldnt do much for you anyway. Just don’t abuse them when you rinse and your fine. Hope this helps :v: @Bloombeast


I forgot to mention I do this in a basement, might be a bit different your location.