How to rehydrate bud after cure . .


I was updating inventory record today and noticed a couple of strains harvested and cured during the first quarter of this year seemed a little “dry”.

Is there any way to “re” hydrate already cured bud?

Last year (before I discovered this forum), I put a slice of apple in a jar for a few hours and this restored the moisture, but a few people mentioned that this could lead to mold - so I stopped.

Any thoughts?



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Got any fresh leaves/trim?

If ur growing now u can take a few fresh leaves and throw them in the jars see if it ups the humidity. Maybe a big bowl with a tight lid and put a shot glass of water in the center if the bowl for a while. Wet napkin in the jar for a while not on the buds.

Boveda packs


I use orange peel or fresh pot leaves during cure to restore moisture and boveda(slightly better imo) or integra packets for long term storage

#1 fresh leaves or bud, #2 or lettuce. Lettuce unlike many fruit peels etc will not leave any aftertaste


GFG: and to everyone who has provided input, THANKS!!!


Sorry been offline for a bit - been “ahem” testing some Gelato.OG and Pineapple Express which just came out of cure.


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