How to raise ph without having to buy somthing


How do you raise the ph with out having to buy somthing


Can you assist here


Baking soda works great.



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OK…This can be used in a emergence But please take the time and get the correct products like P H up And Down

You’re really testing me on my chemistry today, lol…

Vinegar’s chemical composition is CH3COOH…it is just a bunch of Carbon and Hydrogen and Oxygen. On it’s face, none of these would interfere with nutrient uptake. However, vinegar is only a weak acid, which means you may need quite a bit of it in order to keep your pH level correct. Once you begin using more substantial quantities of vinegar in your nutrient reservoir, it may not be so cost effective anymore.

Also, even though the Carbon and Hydrogen may not affect nutrient uptake, they still add to the total TDS (or EC) of the nutrient solution…which means the more you use, the fewer nutrients you can legitimately have suspended in your nutrient solution without burning your plants. This is why commercially available pH down is made of Phosphate compounds…they not only bring the pH down, but are also available to the plants as usable nutrients. This is not the case with vinegar.

In reality, I don’t know for sure what would happen if you used vinegar to control your hydroponic nutrient solution p H. However, I have enough concerns about it that I would not try it myself (at least not on a big scale, or on an important plant or crop). If you do decide to try it experimentally, be sure to let me know how it turns out for you…I am curious to know for sure.

The best way to avoid the expense of pH down (and to a lesser degree, pH up) is to choose your hydroponic nutrients well. B.C. Nutrients mix up at the right pH, and the pH changes very little over time. The same is true with Canna Bio. Other nutrients require a LOT of pH adjustment, like Earth Juice. Hope this helps.


I learned the hard way that baking soda will gather around the roots of your plant and cause a LOT of pH problems with the plant. It clings to the roots and is difficult to get out by flushing.

In the long run, it is easier to try to get the chemicals and use them. A very cheap and easy alternative to pH chemicals for taking the pH down is battery acid that you can get from the auto store. You have to handle it carefully as with all chemicals. I use it with an insulin syringe and put 12 drops in a gallon and check it after that. My water where I live is prefect when I use 12 drops per gallon.


Thanks @garrigan65 i gave similar advice on another thread he was asking on about the ph up and down


Honestly PH up or down are very cheap and would make life a lot easier on you than trying to see what will happen . They r tried and true you will need these through out your grow anyways . Make life easy and buy both you can get a kit for around 15 bucks at the grow store they are little bottles but I don’t find I use PH up to often but I’m a soil guy so they makes a difference


I agree that the correct product is really what you want, but baking soda is readily available and works well for short term adjustments.

My first grow was done entirely with citric acid and baking soda.


Ok thank you going to buy a kit


@jimmybud what is your starting pH?

Just asking about adjusting the pH puts you on the correct path, pH is a critical parameter to monitor and control. pH UP and pH DOWN are quite cheap ~$10. My starting pH (tap water) is 7.6 and it takes about 1/4 teaspoon or so to bring it to about 6.2 (this corrects for my soil pH of 7.2).

The pH bandwagon is the place to be…:ok_man:


I was using pH up&down for fish tanks from a pet store…


My ph is about 6.5 I think I’m using test strips right now there not to xact but I think I’m ok the bottled water seems to work good I have to go up not down


Buy a ph meter as well it will serve you better
At least get one when yor budget affords it


I’ve been using vinegar and baking soda. I think the acetic acid is actually a way stronger acid than any phosphate. But of course much weaker than sulfuric (battery acid) which will burn your skin. I always have to adjust down with the vinegar, so I only use a tiny bit of baking soda when I overshoot. Which is rare.

My plants must love it because they grow fast and huge, with no deficiencies so far.


Make sure when u buy a ph meter u just get a digital one, not a probe type. They will not worl well enough and be a waste of money that could have wemt into a better one.I know bc i made that mistake.I use a cheapy still,something like 15$ on amazon. And FYI most meters need something like PH7 to calibrate them. I found its very cheap but shipping is crazy high so i get it at the hydro shop or petstore. Again u can get all of that around 30-50$ probably less and it will pay for its self in no time.


this is the one i use. I calibrate it every few wks takes 5 seconds literally. Its one of the most used things i use in all my indoor out door gardens.


Yeah, get a good pH stick like that one, and pH EVERYTHING you give the plants. And do it every time. My tap water changes because it comes from the Colorado River (very hard) and a desalination plant (effectively distilled). The water district keeps on changing the mix! You do NOT want to generate pH shock in your plants and using the wrong pH can cause mineral lockouts and disease.


Thanks I’m getting one tomorrow the bottled water seems to work well