How to Properly harvest

What up everyone! Was jw how to properly trim and harvest my plants without killing them so I can re use them and hopefully get a couple more harvests out of them? I know on the website it says they can be used up to 10 years but they loose potency witch I understand. But like I said, I just want to get more than one use out of them if possible with these auto flowering plants. I’m on week 5 so I got plenty time yet but just wanna get ready and be prepared cause I’m tired of looking at these things and drooling! Lol they just started throwing off that smell and it’s making my room smell so f****** good! One more thing. If these plants can be re used again after harvesting properly. How long would it take for them to flower and harvest on average for the 2nd round?

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There’s no 2nd harvest with auto flowers that’s their biggest downfall( and why seed sellers love them) nope the only way you’ll get any more plant out of your autos is by seeding them yourself, now with photos you can clone ( and reveg but that’s way to risky for my liking)


Sunday morning my photo looked like this.

When I harvested l left a few of the lower bud sites.

I gave the plant more water with high nitrogen nutes. I’ll give the plants 18+ hours of light each day and in a few weeks it’ll start to re-veg and look really weird.

In a month or two it’ll be ready to flip to 12/12 and go back in to flower.

Contrary to what you may have seen elsewhere, I don’t believe there is any loss of potency.

Here’s an old grow journal where I revegged another clone of the same plant.


You can reveg photoperiods. Not autos


Thanks guys I’ll know not to buy auto flowering plants next time. Lol

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shit dude. I didn’t see that this was posted in the autoflower category. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was mentioning autoflowers. :rofl:

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