How to produce more sugars

How would I make my girl Produce more sugars

Molases, last 4 weeks of flower I use 1 tbsp per gallon every other watering…thats all I use at the end of a lifecycle…


glad to see you out and about @Ragnar
unsulphared backstrap molasses?


Yep, thanks, got greenhouse grow to take care of, I need a new phone to take pictures and post …
I will tag everyone when they be posted…


do you use unsulphered molasses?

I got 5 gal bucket feed grade at the local feed store, it says : 79.5 Brix Cane Molasses. , there is no sulphur listed in it…


I’m guessing that you use a soil type medium which should be fine for molasses. If you’re doing Hydroponics you can expect to see some foam.

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Yeah, I grow either in large smart pots ( 50 gal and up…) , or directly in ground …
Both worked very well so I keep do so…
All grown in soil with added compost, rabbit manure ( slightly aged) and earthworm castings ( super super stuff)…
I dont feed heavily and I am willing to get little less harvest , but man…it is divine !!!
At least people who tried it said so :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


Raw Cane sugar if in hydro just for future reference because you remember this stuff :wink: it doesn’t foam as much as Mol @NTMAREMACH


@Flowerpower everyone says nutrients oriented. To add to this as an environmental condition. Extremely low humidity during flowering. Lowest you can possibly get it. @MAXHeadRoom has the trichomes shots I think to assist in this theory. (Best shots I’ve seen btw!)


Thanks guys

I did not use molasses or cane sugar as a supplement for my flowering stage. The only difference between the first grow and second was very low humidity. Because of winter, the humidity in my basement is naturally 20-30 percent. I had a dehumidifier in the grow room set at 45% but it never ran.

Here is a quote from a post written by garrigan65 that backs up this theory.

Some gardeners even like to allow their medium to go bone-dry before harvesting. The idea is that resin production seems to skyrocket if the medium is allowed to dry before harvesting, but this isn’t due to dry medium – it’s due to dry air.
When the relative humidity in the garden is low, your resin production will increase. This is a natural response cannabis has to dry air, an attempt to protect itself from hot, dry conditions. Marijuana resin actually has one of the highest UV-resistance ratings in the plant kingdom. The resin reflects light, preventing the buds from getting sunburn. (This is also why it’s so easy for helicopters to spot marijuana from the sky; it glows when seen through UV-sensitive equipment.)
Lowering the humidity in the room on that last night before harvest morning will ensure increased resin production, without having to let the medium go bone-dry first. Additionally, some growers like to subject their gardens to prolonged dark periods of up to 24 hours just before cutting, claiming they notice spikes in resin production. This is all right as the low humidity will cut down on light uptake anyway, plus it helps to make sure liquid foods within the plants drain down to the root zone.

I also use Quantum Boards for my lighting, which I think adds to the increase.

Here are the results

Fri Dec 29 11-40-16

Fri Dec 29 10-39-26

Fri Dec 29 10-36-41

Fri Dec 29 10-35-21

Happy Growing :sunglasses: @Flowerpower


Increased intensity in blue wavelengths is suppose to help with frost as well.

Those pics make me smile. Soooo sweet.

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