How to process goo from butane extraction

How do process this to oil, or shatter? 1st time trying butane extraction after a friend gave me a “honeybee” open extractor.

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@Covertgrower the resident BHO expert

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You probably don’t have a vacuum oven to allow it to purge the butane from the extract. If you have capability to gently heat it, (cable box maybe?) I would allow it to offgas for a few days before consuming end product. Extract color looks good though!
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I watched this guy a few times he has a few good videos about butane concentrates and some other things.

I have a buddy that does that. He has a heavy glass tube thats open wide on 1 end and has a small hole on the other end. He grinds up, packs it tight into to tube. Then he uses a rubber band and doubles a non bleached coffee filter over the end. He then takes a can of butane and ot geta sprayed down through the small hole. Wear a glove because the glass gets ice cold. Release the entire can through it. When it finishes dripping through the filter, constantly move it around with a razor until all the bubbles stop. The bubbles are the butane releasing and evaporating.

Here are the glass extraction tubes.

What changes it to “crumble”? I’m gently heating it and its still off gassing (making bubbles). BTW,
I used bud that was accidentally pollinated by a hermorphidite, after deseeding and some early white widow bud that was showing signs of bud rot. Approximately 24 grams. Is the weed from the tube after extracting now trash?

I would recommend using only consumable flower that’s considered safe. Any product containing mold should not be used.

To get crumble extract, soak times, as well as trichome quality, and vacuum purging temperatures have a factor on what your end product looks like.
Short soak time, (open blasting would be a short soak time) with gentle heating with vacuum (under 80°F) will most likely give you a crumble product. A lot of factors involved to get to the end product you desire.
The end product “texture” isn’t as important to me as long as quality is there. Terpene and cannabinoid content is most important to me, and when those are higher you usually end up with a “saucy” extract instead of a crumble.
One thing I learned is no extraction is exactly the same even when you’re using the same strain. Uniformity will come with practice, and following your last procedure exactly.
So don’t be surprised if it comes out differently from one extraction from another.

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Wouldn’t ever have thought if that. What kinds?

I use a blow dryer on high heat it will totally stop bubbling when all the butane is worked out of it. It will also go a little more of a brown look than what it looks now. I just stir it around and leave the blow dryer blowing into the bowl or on the mat I extract on.

I use extra low temperatures when I’m doing my extracts. When my flowers go into my biomass tube they are typically between -20F and -40F, I sleeve my biomass tube with a dry ice jacket. These extreme low temperatures prevent the chlorophyll and unwanted colors from being extracted. As well as allowing the butane to stay liquid and prevent boiling of the liquid butane, the colder the better during your extraction, I have a set of pyrex that fit nicely inside each other. The collection pyrex is then floated on top of the second one containing water that is roughly 90F I fill the biomass container with butane and allow it to soak for around 20-30 minutes, all while checking the temperatures and pressures to ensure safety, never allowing my pressures to exceed what my equipment can safely handle. (We are dealing with a highly flammable and highly explosive gas here).

I then empty my biomass tube of the concentrates and all butane using a 70ish micron filter into the gently warmed dry Pyrex(90F), using a stainless steel fork to whip the thc rich liquid butane until it become near honey consistency.

This step contains expensive special equipment, once the thick honey forms you may still see bubbles forming (smaller bubbles) this is normal, transfer it onto PARCHMENT paper, or a silicone tray, or wide mouth jar, whatever you have that is solvent resistant. I prefer parchment since it easily allows the concentrate to change temperatures as well as expand and contract. Once on the parchment you’ll need a vacuum chamber, and a Quality vacuum pump, a vacuum gauge on the camber is a MUST. I preheat my chamber using an indirect flameless source, and place the concentrates in the chamber. I like to give it 30-45 mins after I put the extracts in the vacuum chamber before I start my pump. Using a ball valve at the pump on the inlet and outlet is highly recommended. It’s prevents anything from being pulled into the chamber through these ports. I increase vacuum gradually over the next few hours. For example 30 mins no vacuum heat on at 90F next I’ll run my pump to 10”Hg and close the valves off (pump off) and allow the residual butane to evaporate for about an hour, I’ll then crack the valves and allow vacuum to bring it back to ambient pressures momentarily, start the pump back and and this time allow it to reach 17-20”Hg and leave it be (pump off) for about 4 hours, temps should still be maintaining around 90F, same as before allow it to return ambient pressure, this is when I’ll open and check in on it, it should be getting close to dry by now, last I’ll put it back in the vacuum chamber and run it all the way down to 27.5-28”Hg and leave it (pump off) valves closed for 8-10 hours - running the pump ONLY when vacuum readings read less than 27” hope this helps, this again is just the method I use to make crumbles, shatter I just use a slightly higher vacuum temps with less vacuum. Making concentrates with butane is extremely dangerous please use caution and keep an abc fire extinguisher nearby.

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