How to prevent popcorn buds at harvest?


Okay, I’m now on harvest #7. My last harvest yielded nice big buds from 6 of the 9 plants I grew. The other 3 had many popcorn type buds (small tight). I was wondering how to avoid this from happening again. BTW, they were all clones. I used the Bergman fertilizer kit with Ocean Forest soil 600W HPS in 2 tents average temp. 78F, Humidity at 60%. Any ideas?


sounds like they are suffering a light intensity shortage adding side lighting or lolipop to make it so plants get light evenly and buds get light evenly


As @Donaldj has said, more intense light, side lighting, better training (i.e. lollypop and/or scrog) are the most likely solutions.



Thanks for the advise.


Avoid that strain. Some jusr do that.


You guys are gonna think I’m nuts and irresponsible but, I lost the tags to
some of my strains since they are now 2nd generation clones. I only was
able to identify 2 of the 5 I grew this past harvest. I wish I could find a
way to identify the unknown ones again? The lack of light might make sense
but my grow tents are highly reflective inside. I’m on harvest#7 now and
paying much closer attention to detail like labeling every pot with labels,
checking Ph once a week, and checking for temperature and humidity shifts.
Im beinging back the classics to my area that I grew up with, i.e. Maui
Waui, Panama Red, Sour Diesel, etc. So I gotta get it right this time! I
think I’m off to a good start.


BTW, I learned all this from you guys and ILGM. I couldn’t have done it
without you all. I gotta try to get legal now since our state made medical
cannabis legal over 6 months ago. It’s alot of work sometimes but
absolutely worth the results! I’m trying 3 gallon pots this grow along with
some 2 gallon ones. Hopefully they won’t top out the roof of my tents? Lol.


I’m glad I saw your post LOL I had to laugh because I just harvested two mystery skunk plants ?

…they’re either white skunk Super Skunk or skunk#1 ??? …I also lost track of the clones! :laughing::v:


Hey this is probably the simplest thing to forget and one that I believe we all have done. I have learned how to keep my plants Healthly solve issues they are having and sex them but how and why I don’t put a tag with the strain name on the pot someplace I will never know. Most of the time I will mark them Startin off with the date and strain then when I transplant I’ll forget to retag them. I have also done this breeding seeds and even went as far as using different colored tape to mark the branches I pollinated with what strain and then forget come harvest time…if I could just Remember that marijuana cause short term memory loss I could remember to mark my plants…lol


they are reflective yes but light intensity is lost with distance from source so outer edge or shorter plants always suffer some best way to manage that is to keep canopy level or side lighting. I rotate my plants almost daily to keep them even. They are moved around space to get light from different angles unless you are scrogging or tying them up. I lollypop and try my damnest to keep top even


I guess I don’t feel too bad then. I do need advise about maintaining temp
and humidity during winter months. I grow all year round and always have
trouble. I tried a space heater last year but that just ruined my humidity
levels. My grow room is currently at 36%, temp. Avg. 70 degrees F. The
internal tent temp. Is around 73 to 77F.