How to prevent cutworm for marijuana plant?

A question from a fellow grower:

Last year I had a cutworm problem that didnt start until the plants
were flowering. By the time i caught the problem it was too late. Are
there any preventative measures i can take this year? I was thinking of
praying mantis about the time they dtart to bud. Its a large garden, 8
plants mixed in with my vegtables in 4, 4×8 garden beds. Id appreciate
your input.

Depending on the size of the plant,I use plastic drinking straws split down the side and slipped over the stalk on small plants.And you can use larger tubes for bigger plants like toilet paper rolls,split down the side and put on the same as the straws.

I’m new to growing this stuff but 50+ years of country gardening has lent me a few things. The deal with cut worms is pure and simple snug anything up against the stem that will stop the little A holes from circling all the way around it. If they can’t get their head and butt together they can’t do any harm. That may sound over simple but there it is. Myself I use wooden toothpicks. Either flat or round makes no difference just so they can’t get their stuff together. Hope that helps.

Peace, and keep on toking.