How to prepare for growing season?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I am first time growing in Pakistan. I have 3x3 tent and 1200w BestVA auto light. I also have all other accessories like 6 inch fan etc. I am growing white widow autos in coco coir. I have ordered nutrients General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Boom, Mirco Combo and CaliMagic.

I am thinking to use only these nutrition and fertiliser because I have to import them and its so costly for me. So this is the reason I cannot buy a lot of American things.

Please advise if this is okay or I can use other kind of fertiliser.

Yes you can use those nutrients
Im not a fan of coco coir for the first time grower
But ph water and nutrients to 5.6- 5.8 and youll be fine
Maybe @Myfriendis410 can give you some tips he uses it

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I would think that a soil grow would be a better choice as you can source it locally. Just look for soil with no added fertilizer in it.

The GH line is good and economical but if you use soil you can eliminate the need for some of that as your soil should cover veg.

If you choose to go with coco, ph like hydro and use the “Drain to Waste” schedule for your nutes.

Ph meter, ph up and down and standard reference solution and a tds meter are all needed.

That light will be good for only 1 to 2 flowering plants FYI.


Have your Pakistani friend stop by Awan Garden Supply. They have loads of different garden soils and several that aren’t fertilized.

I think that GH nutes are set so that you have to use all three together, although I may be wrong.

@TxGrowman, I’m not sure GH products are available there.

The old Flora series is 2 part.

Plus all the “special” crap you have to have.

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